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Angle view - cabinet bottom
Item #: Sedona™ Cabinet
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Item #: Sedona™ Cabinet -

Product DetailsThose who are planning to venture into the therapeutic massage business, having a massage table would be a must. Along with the other equipment, the massage table is a common equipment for a professional massage therapist that helps them to provide their clients with the utmost comfort while enjoying the relaxing effects of a massage. So, those who are looking for efficient and reliable massage tables can now get Earthlite Sedona Tilt Stationary Massage Table from...

You can now get over your pain by getting an Earthlite massage product from They are a top manufacturer that offers portable chairs and other massaging products. The hardwood chairs are made of aluminum for its strength and weight properties. They also offer a portable salon table that can be used for commercial purposes in hotels, at home by the pool, or even on a deck. They can also be used for spa treatment which is quite versatile and economical to use. Because they are portable, they can be easily stored anywhere.

The Vortex massage chair is a well-constructed aluminum chair that is compact, stylish and lightweight, so you can move it anytime without anybody’s help. Oval tubing is used to increase the strength of the chair.