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Item #: MCEV2510K
Retail: $59.99
Price: $49.95
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Item #: MCEV2510K -

Product Details Reach Easy Design Target hard-to-reach areas with this special elbow-angled design that lets you access your lower, middle and upper back more easily. Point Massager When applied, the point massager focuses on a specific area of the body and applies the massage technique strongly to one point. Three Different Kinds of Vibration Massage Promote circulation with stroking massage using three different massage heads. Massage Rollers - gives wide area and comfortable massage to the...

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Item #: MCEP-MA70
Retail: $8,999.00
Price: $5,020.00
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Item #: MCEP-MA70 -

Product Details Panasonic Massage Chairs newly developed EP MA70 "Thermal" massage chair. For the first time ceramic heaters are built right into the rollers themselves reproducing the "hot stone" treatment of a massage therapist. In recent years it has become quite popular to add heating elements to massage chairs, simulating hot stone spa therapy and hot yoga , to relieve fatigue and provide additional therapeutic value. But up until now, those heating units have been stationary, woven into...

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Item #: MCEP30007KX
Retail: $5,399.99
Price: $3,550.00
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Item #: MCEP30007KX -

Product Details The "Junetsu" Massage Technique: A Panasonic Exclusive - Junetsu, the Japanese word for "ultra-fine kneading," is basedon the one-second circular thumb movements of professional massage therapists. Junetsu quickly loosens up tight muscles, and the spiral circular motion reverberates down through the muscles to invigorate you down to the surface of your bones. Reflexology - For professional, personalized massage therapy on your feet, the Real Pro Ultra utilizes adjustable and...

Panasonic Massage Chair Features

When it comes to your health, proper medical care is always advised. Now you can get a medically-approved massage with lasting results by getting one of the Panasonic massage chairs from These are the first chairs that have been approved by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). It is one of the largest associations in the world for professional chiropractors. These chairs have the capability of relaxing tense muscles, relieving deep tissues and offering the right kind of supplement for chiropractic adjustment.

The Panasonic massage chairs are featured with quad style massage technology. It has four massage heads which can be opened and closed and offers various kinds of massage techniques such as grasping, Shiatsu, fist kneading and Swedish. All of these massages are remarkably similar to that of real massages.