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Item #: Wedge Ease
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    The Sacro-Ease Wedge Seat Cushion from the is one of the best back support cushions that you can buy to feel comfortable throughout the working hours. If you are a professional driver, software engineer, banker, or something else that demand you sitting in the same posture throughout the day, this seat cushion is the best for you. The Ergo seat cushion is manufactured with the highest quality comfort foam to provide utmost comfort to your spine while increasing the productivity. It helps to bring your hips and knees to a neutral position while reducing the impact to the spinal discs. Its fabric can be removed from the removable insert provided in the tailbone area. This seat cushion is the best for reducing the muscle tension and stress related to sitting in unsupportive chairs. Available at the affordable prices, this seat cushion features:
    • Wedge shaped to level out your seat bringing your hips and knees to a neutral position, reducing the impact to the spinal discs
    • Made with Poly foam and comfort memory foam for maximum comfort.
    • Removable insert in the tailbone area
    • Fabric is washable and soft to the touch
    • Has proven to be excellent for autos, airplanes, bus seats, chairs and sofas.
    • Durable non skid bottom.

    5 year manufacturer warranty!