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Item #: DRMA7801
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Price: $44.99

    At, we stock a fantastic collection of top notch quality massage products that are sure to provide you with a rejuvenating massage in your comfort zone. Dr. Scholls Foot Massager is a unique foot massage equipment in our collection that provides a relaxing foot massage and helps eliminate fatigue. For those who work long hours standing, this foot massager from Dr. Scholls is their solution for recharging their sore feet. Dr. Scholls Foot Massager is made with advanced tools to ensure it fulfills the highest quality standards. This foot massager is a unique product that fits to almost all shoe sizes. Dr. Scholls Foot Massager has dimensions 11.25" x 15.5" x 4.25" and can be easily ordered online from our online store at the most competitive prices. Best-in-quality, this foot massager features:

    • Faux Suede and Fleece Fabrics with individual fleece-lines foot pockets to keep feet nice and warm
    • Rejuvenating Massage delivers vibrating massage to tired, sore feet
    • Warming Heat helps comfort aching feet
    • AC Adapter Included
    • One Size Fits Most Shoe Sizes
    • 11.25" x 15.5" x 4.25"