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    With stress levels increasing on a daily basis, people are on the lookout for some effective stress reduction therapies. Massage therapy is the perfect way for getting relief from stress induced bodily fatigue, muscle aches and pain. These chairs allow you to take advantage of a vigorous massage from virtually any location you choose and at a time of your choice. Those who are looking for an efficient portable massage package to avail of the benefits of a massage in the comfort of their home can now get Earthlite TravelMate Portable Desktop Massage Package from at the market’s best prices.

    This travelmate is a desktop, go-everywhere, massage support system that allows the users to bring massage therapy to their homes or offices. This chair can even work with clients in wheelchairs. They can be easily set up in seconds on any desk or table top. It can be adjusted quickly and easily, and is able to provide balanced support for a client's head and chest. It weighs a mere 9 lbs and comes with a carry case. Available in an array of colors such as NS teal, NS latte, NS black and many others, this travelmate is sure to meet your need for an effective massage.

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