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Is the Robopad right for you?

Buy this massage chair if you tend to seek deep muscle tissue massage for pain and stress relief. The Robopad buyer also typically lists superior foot massage as a key criteria when selecting a massage chair, and this chair will NOT disappoint. This chair is designed to focus exclusively on the body.

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    Serious Massage Chair Engineering

    22-valve dual independent compressors with 69 airbags driving industry-best Acupressure system.

    Designed specifically for the US consumer who wants the most therapeutic massage chair, and life-like feel from unique “grasping” hands.

    The longest lasting (10-year MTF rating), highest quality massage chair motors engineered specifically for strength & longevity.

    Double-reinforced gear components to Elite USA standards. Some say over-engineered, we say “yes it is.”

    true3D® for 4+” of massage hand depth, built with steel 3D armature (competitors use wimpy and fragile airbags)

    Pushing, kneading, tapping, rolling, grasping, compression, body stretch, plus integrated magnetic therapy.

    Smoothness matching the therapeutic human touch of deep tissue Shiatsu and Thai-style stretching, and 4-level strength settings for even the most sensitive backs

    Robopad Specs

    The Robopad is the Total Therapy Machine, designed for full-body relief from chronic pain; shoulders, back, lower legs or feet. The Robopad is the deepest, strongest massage chair on the market – setting the standard for the whole industry. But don’t think it is not refined; it delivers all this power with an elegant touch that feels like the hands of a human masseuse.

    • 5 inches of 3D massage extension – meaning deeper muscle tissue relief for you
    • 69 airbags for Acupressure, with industry-leading dual industrial air motors
    • 35.5 inches of rolling massage stroke, for full back and shoulder massage coverage
    • 5 variable width adjustments, up to 7 inches of width adjustment to fit any body type
    • Eight 300cc magnets correlating to calf acupressure points to aid with circulation & pain management
    • Integrated Bluetooth speakers in headrest for mobile device streaming
    • Free Robo-Pad Android and iOS app for massage control
    • Smart body scanning for custom massage programming, from the smallest to largest body types
    • One-touch activation of pre-programmed massage routines
    • Customize your massage by saving your favorite massage strength and routines
    • Best in Class 5-year warranty
    • Optional tablet remote control swing arm for better viewing

    Supported from the USA by dedicated massage chair experts, the Robopad is the result of 12+ years of designing the best massage chairs.

    Massage Chair Innovation

    true3D™ massage mechanism that uses body scanning to match the contours of your back and shoulders

    Mobile App with Bluetooth for your tablet or smartphone

    Consistently beats competitor 3D chairs in head-to-head trials

    For those seeking even more data for massage chair research, click here for the details you may be looking for.

    Robopad true3D

    Robopad true3D

    Best Foot Massage of Any Chair. Period.

    Industry-best 4-part reflexology for the toes, arches, heels, insteps and Achilles tendons. What this means: Unparalleled, luxuriant foot therapy and relief.

    360 degrees of of rejuvenating Acupressure – the foot is enveloped in airbags for perfect pressure enhancing every massaging motion.

    Calf massage points and lower leg compression therapy, lower leg infrared heating, plus integrated magnets for improved circulation in lower legs and joints.