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Fujita SMK9600 Massage Chair
Item #: SMK9600
Retail: $6,999.00
Price: $3,990.00
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Item #: SMK9600 -

Fujita SMK9600 Massage ChairFeatures - Sync Movement Design - Base on the principle of Fall-to-Sleep design, when the backrest is lowered backwards, armrest will adjust automatically to reach appropriate massage posture.- New Infrared Body Scan Technology - Infrared sensor technology can precisely detect different body type.- Pelvis Swaying Massage - This mode is designed to gently stretch and flex the muscles around the pelvis and the lower body.- Waist swaying Massage - Two airbags support...

Side view - ivory
Item #: MCSMK9100
Retail: $4,999.00
Price: $3,390.00
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: MCSMK9100 -

Product DetailsAt, we offer the ergonomically designed Fujita SMK9100 Massage Chair that it is one of the most admirable massage chairs in our collection. It creates a totally new way to experience a massage with enhanced real hand motion and ultimate comfort design. This massage chair can adjust the armrest, attaining the ideal and appropriate space, which meets the needs of your family for different body sizes. It is manufactured with advanced technology to ensure it...

Front view
Item #: MCSMK8800
Retail: $3,499.00
Price: $2,290.00
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 5-7 Business Days
Item #: MCSMK8800 -

Product DetailsA Fujita SMK8800 Massage Chair can be a great therapeutic alternative to daily massages. This massage chair is manufactured using advanced technology with massage speed and width settings. It has been created to adjust the body through a natural formula of a healthy posture, which stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress and relaxes muscles, nerves, and joints. This massage chair is designed for both professional and personal use and offers soothing massages that are...

Massage has been considered a very important tool for relieving stress, pains and aches. You can now get a relaxing and comfortable massaging experience with Fujita massage chairs from These chairs offer an absolutely new method of massage that has designed to provide ultimate comfort through an increased real hand motion. In this chair, your body posture is adjusted in a natural way which helps relax nerves and muscles, and stimulates blood circulation in your body. It works on a fall-to-sleep principle wherein one the backrests of the chair is lowered and the armrest gets adjusted automatically reaching a proper posture for massage.

The massage combines with musical rhythm, which can be synched with the music you are playing, making your body feel better. It is also good for relieving fatigue, and relaxing ligaments and back muscles.