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Item #: DRFB7012
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    Product Details:

    Today, stress has become common to everyone’s life and causes a number of lifestyle related diseases. Here, a foot spa comes in handy as it not only keeps your feet beautiful but also helps in getting rid of stress. Foot spa involves the process of reflexology that creates a pressure on the whole body. The process involves the nervous system whereby the whole body and even the internal organs are benefitted. So, find some time for yourself and indulge in a relaxing foot bath with Helen of Troy Foot Spa from By aiding blood circulation, relieving stress, alleviating arthritic pain, and treating insomnia - a foot spa is a good investment in one’s overall health and wellbeing. Cost-effective, this foot spa features:

    • Soothing bubbling massage revives tired feet
    • Smart heat keeps water warm
    • Waterproof toe touch controls
    • Accupressure pad attachment

      Limited Warranty: 1 Year