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Item #: MCS-370H
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    Swedish Massaging Cushion

    For those who don’t have the time or money to spend with a masseuse or the thousands of dollars for a massage chair, a good alternative is a massage cushion. We offer the high-quality HoMedics True Swedish Massage Cushion that works wonders and is extremely beneficial. It comes with convenient corded hand control features that allow you to customize your massage. Our Swedish massage cushion offers a traveling pressure point massage to help you relax after a long day. It is lightweight so you can carry it around wherever you want. Manufactured using quality grade foam, this massage cushion is extremely soft and gentle. Our Swedish Massage Cushion is the perfect solution to achieve the ultimate massage experience and help users enrich their quality of life.

    HoMedics Cushion MCS-360H Features & Benefits:

    • 12 massage nodes move up and down the back for a relaxing massage.
    • Traveling Swedish travels up and down the back
    • Soothing heat
    • 3 Massage programs: Full, Upper & Lower Back
    • Corded Hand Control