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By Doug Marks
Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair Review They’re smooth and human-like: That what everybody says about Human Touch’s massage chairs, and those words are especially appropriate when used to describe Human Touch’s premium massage chair, the HT-7450. Here is our review of that chair.

The most notable thing about the HT-7450 is that it is covered with real premium leather. Most massage chairs are covered with synthetic leather, because real leather is more susceptible to cracking when it is subjected to constant movement. However, Human Touch has apparently decided that the increased risk of cracking is worth the added value of sitting in a real leather chair. We haven’t had enough experience with this chair for long enough to tell you whether this leather is tough enough to stand up to the battering it gets in this massage chair, but we do trust Human Touch to offer the best value to its customers.

Human Touch really does do a fantastic job of living up to its name. Its chairs, and this one in particular, “understand” the human body and are engineered to adjust to the body’s contours. You really get a human-like massage.

The one drawback of this chair is its massage length. With a length of 24 inches, the chair is most suitable for people 5’8” and shorter. If you’re taller than that and want a neck and should massage chair, you’ll need to go with a longer massage length. The Osaki OS-4000 would be good for that, and it is actually a cheaper chair.

But what about all the great features of the HT-7450? The reversible footrest is a popular item that helps the chair fit into any space. You can flip it over to get a calf massage, or you can leave it flat as a simple footrest. The chair doesn’t have the in-your-face design of most massage chairs that says, “Look at me—I’m a massage chair.” Rather, its simple and elegant look says, “I’m happy to be part of your living room or office. I won’t steal all the limelight. But when you sit in me, you’ll know I’m here for a purpose.”

The chair also has the zero gravity feature that allows the chair to recline in the position your body would naturally take if gravity were not an issue. It also uses Memory Foam in the seat to cover the acupressure tools. This decreases any pressure points and increases the overall relaxation during the massage.

The dual lumbar heaters also allow you to get the heat right where you want it. Heat is a great massage function in itself, and flexibility in delivering that heat is a great feature.

One of the best features of the HT-7450 is the three-dimensional rollers. This allows the rollers to move up and down, and in and out, as well. This is a feature usually reserved to higher-priced chairs, so to have it in this price range is a special bonus.

There is one other thing that many people won’t think of when they look into buying a massage chair, and that is whether the chair is comfortable on its own. This chair is a relaxing chair, even without considering any of the massage chair features. You should take that into account when considering whether to buy it.

On the whole, this chair offers a lot of value for the money. But with the acupressure system for the seat area, heating, and Memory Foam, it seems to be especially well-suited for people who want to focus on lower-back massage. Human Touch says the chair relaxes the sciatic nerve, which is a concern for many of our customers, and we believe it.

The chair comes with a structural warranty of five years, parts warranty of three years, and a one-year in-home warranty for everything else mechanical that can go wrong. They do have an in-home warranty extension that will go for five years. If I were to buy this chair, I would definitely get the extension, because it can be a hassle not having the in-home warranty if something does go wrong.

Now, how does Human Touch treat its customers? Our biggest concern with Human Touch over the years has been that they do not accept returns. In addition, in years past, they did a poor job responding to customer concerns. However, they have done a better job recently of responding to us and our customers. Unfortunately, the no-return policy continues to be a serious drawback. Notwithstanding that concern, though, has noticed that Human Touch chairs seldom get returned, because they are simply a fantastic product. Consequently, we have made the decision to accept returns of Human Touch massage chairs on our own account. It rarely happens, and when it does, we are able to re-sell the chair with little trouble.

Overall, we highly recommend both Human Touch and the HT-7450. You’ll be happy you bought such a well-designed and human-feeling chair.

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