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Item #: 100-NovoXT-005
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    The Human Touch Novo XT massage chair helps athletes and professionals of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts and work days. By increasing oxygen-rich blood to tired, sore muscles, Novo XT helps to restore your natural well being. You can also bet that the sleek, innovative design will serve as a conversation piece that captivates attention like that of your favorite sports car.

    Once you’ve rejuvenated both your body and mind, you’ll experience a heightened sense of confidence, motivation, and clarity—all the tools you need be your best and keep your edge over the rest of the pack.


    • 34 Auto-Wellness Programs
    • Extending Foot and Calf Massage
    • Lumbar Heat
    • Flex 3D Massage Technology
    • Cloud Touch Acupressure