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By Kessin Drews
iJoy-2580 Massage Chair When I first decided to seek out this chair and take it for a “test drive”, I was a little skeptical to say the least. From its pictures it looks small and minimalistic, almost appearing to sit directly on the floor. I wasn’t optimistic this would be the right chair for me.

Upon entering the showroom, I immediately changed my tune just on looks alone. The iJoy was surprisingly good sized, yet compact enough it didn’t overwhelm the area it was sitting in. I did a bit more staring, wondering how something so simple could provide me with what I needed; a solid massage.

Once seated, I was surprised that my 6’ tall frame fit comfortably into the chair and that my knees were able to bend naturally. I had imagined them being up around my chin, but this definitely wasn’t the case. It was pleasantly roomy from side to side, with even a few inches to spare.

Before even starting the massage, I had to take in everything around me. I noticed a small plug-in on the side of the chair. After inquiring, I found out that this is a convenience outlet so you can use your favorite electronic device while enjoying a massage. I imagined myself using this to charge my phone or to plug in my favorite lamp so I could read while getting my “me time”.

I opted for the “Refresh Entire Back” massage course, which is 15 minutes of bliss for the whole back, top to bottom. I was instantly surprised at the strength of massage this chair packed. The rollers began with a very life-like kneading motion which instantly started to melt away my tension. It was then complemented by some compression and tapping to give the full effect. I hadn’t had a massage hit all the right places that quickly in my entire life. I began pondering how I could break the news to my masseuse that a piece of furniture had bested her technique.

Now that I was starting to feel relaxed, I decided to try the recline feature. This chair has a really nice one-button recline which brings the chair to a “flat” position without any effort. I noticed that as the chair went further back, the massage got much stronger along the way, almost too strong at one point. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this chair has a “softening pad” for the back rest which can help to reduce the pressure if it happens to be too much. This little pad can easily be added and removed as often as you want depending on how deep you want your massage that day. I decided to use the softening pad and it was the perfect combination of strength and comfort for my personal preference.

Being that I was lazily reclined in this chair with no intention of ever moving again, I was happy to find that the remote for this chair is built right into the arm rest. I didn’t even have to lift my head to use it! You will never see a simpler remote on a massage chair--no tech degree required. While so many great chairs on the market have a huge assortment of programs, it doesn’t do you any good if you can’t figure out how to use the controls. Another bonus; since it is built right in, my kids, dog, husband, etc. can’t run away with it!

As I sat in the chair, still in shock with how amazing the massage quality was, I pondered if there was anything more this chair really needed. It did the trick for my back, was cute enough to sit in my living room, something that would fit any user big or small, a cup holder (yep, that’s right) and its easy clean upholstery, I wondered if I had found perfection at its peak.

Finally, I was able to think of one thing this chair could use; foot massage. I imagine Human Touch did not want to take away from the great appearance of this chair by adding a bulky foot massager. For a lot of people, it may not even be a necessary component. Luckily, Human Touch knew there were people like me out there, so they created a great ottoman/massager to accompany their iJoy chairs. If you have the room to add this feature, I would recommend it to complete the full effect.

Overall, I think this chair is a very worthy investment. You are getting the same massage quality of chairs two to three times the price, while still having a piece of furniture that fits any décor. I see where it gets its name, “I” truly en”joy”ed my experience!

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