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Item #: MC3812
Retail: $2,995.00
Price: $2,100.00
Availability: In Stock - Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Massagenius Item #: MC3812 -

Product Details Vending Massage Chair accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. Three minutes of massage performed per dollar accepted, however the time per dollar is easy to adjust. Massage functions include rolling, tapping and Shiatsu. It has 10 rollers, just like 10 fingers to give your customers a truly life-like massage. Attractive, comfortable and durable, this chair is covered a leather match vinyl material for easy cleaning. The perfect option to provide customers with a quick, refreshing...

Rear view
Item #: MC46463
Price: $149.99
Availability: In Stock - Usually Ships in 7-10 Business Days
Master Massage (MHP) Item #: MC46463 -

Product DetailsThis portable massage chair’s aircraft aluminum frame weighs only 16 lbs. yet holds over 750 lbs.! The sturdy case with an ergonomic shoulder strap makes transporting this chair a breeze. A comfortable layer of MHP's famous Small Cell foam covers all cushioned surfaces and every surface of this amazing chair is adjustable for a perfect fit! This is an extremely comfortable chair that is convenient to carry and set up.Specifications: Aircraft aluminum frame is light, but gives...

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