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Item #: MCMS Tapper
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    Product Details

    Providing deep massaging motion for relaxation and tension soothing. The Tapper, a massaging product designed to relieve muscle aches and pains from exercise, fatigue from overworking and more. Its unique streamlined design allows you to reach all parts of the body, whether it be your shoulders or back, as it offers unmatched massaging features to all parts of your body unlike any other product out there to bring you a totally relaxing experience from head to toe.

    Its dynamic deep penetration massages your muscle tissue to bring instant relief to aches and pain.

    Featuring the massaging ball motion in a compact design, the Tapper provides maximum massaging features through the proprietary built-in.

    It comes with several massage settings for maximum comfort.

    A streamlined ergonomic design. The massager comes with a streamlined design that is easy to use and fully portable as it lets you enjoy quality massaging, anytime, anywhere.

    Powerful double speed option from 2200 RPM to 3200 RPM.

    1 Year Warranty