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Item #: MCSlim Fairy
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    Product Details

    Do It Yourself - A revolutionary electronic massager with cylinder tapping action and infrared heat to make a back massage at your finger tips.

    • It weighs only 2+ pounds, making it easy for you to massage your back yourself.
    • 7200 RPM super speed tapping with soft cap, makes it like a masseur. It relaxes your tired and tense muscles, particularly for the neck, shoulder, low back and calf areas.
    • It accelerates the blood circulation, removes fatigue and relieves stress. It has two speed options and infrared heat.
    • With its super light weight and slim design, you can easily use one hand to hold it to work on your back.
    • Infrared heat helps sooth irritated nerves, dilate blood vessels and increase cellular metabolism. It also relieves muscular tension.
    • Auto shut-off design to safe guard the product.
    1 Year Warranty