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Item #: MC3812
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    Product Details

    Vending Massage Chair accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills. Three minutes of massage performed per dollar accepted, however the time per dollar is easy to adjust.  Massage functions include rolling, tapping and Shiatsu. It has 10 rollers, just like 10 fingers to give your customers a truly life-like massage. 

    Attractive, comfortable and durable, this chair is covered a leather match vinyl material for easy cleaning.  The perfect option to provide customers with a quick, refreshing massage, and the owner with a steady stream of income.


    • 36"W x 46"D x 43"H
    • Weight: 130 lbs.

    1 Year Warranty for parts and labor

    What's Covered?

    • Stains
    • Rips
    • Cuts
    • Tears
    • Burns
    • Heat Marks
    • Dye Transfer
    • Mechanism Failures
    • (Basically anything that would be considered an "oops" or an "accident".)

    Plan Details:

    • Coverage lasts 5 yrs from date of delivery of furniture
    • Maximum of $50,000 in retail value coverage- Furniture must be used in a normal, indoor, domestic household situation.
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    Montage Furniture Protection Plan is mailed once your furniture set ships. The paperwork will have a convenient toll free number to call for claims, your unique customer number and their policies for repair and replacement.