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By Doug Marks
Omega 510 Prestigio Massage Chair

We’ve ranked the Omega 510 Prestigio first in its class ($2,000 to $3,000) because of the number of features Omega has incorporated from its more expensive lines. The most notable examples are the Prestigio’s ability to automatically search and memorize the user’s physique and weight and massage accordingly, as well as its stretching function for lower legs that some of Omega’s more expensive lines offer.

You’ll note that the Panasonic, one of our other well-ranked chairs in this category, does not have the full footrest that is offered by Omega. Going without the full footrest obviously saves our customers money, but in our opinion, the extra couple hundred dollars is well-worth the extra functionality.

The Prestigio footrest incorporates nodules that are calibrated to acupressure points in the foot, so the foot massage provided by the chair truly complements the overall massage. These acupressure points correspond with different body parts, and many people believe that applying pressure to these points increases circulation and overall vitality and energy in the body. We aren’t doctors (we don’t even play doctors on TV), so we can’t make health claims, but we feel the foot massage is an indispensable part of the overall experience, so if you can get an inexpensive chair like the Prestigio, which incorporates the foot massage, you should jump on the opportunity.

The back and footrest can be adjusted with the touch of a button, which is another great feature in this relatively inexpensive chair. Other nice features include the handy remote control, full 175 degree recline, and the three levels of massage intensity.

The massage length is 25 inches. Compared with the more expensive lines, which have roller lengths up to 31 inches, this is not a great roller length. It is also less than Panasonic’s EP-1273, also in this category, which offers a 27-inch massage. However, we feel the shorter length is more than made up for by the fact that the chair is capable of massaging the bottoms of your feet.

One drawback to this chair is the lack of the MP3 player that is built into Omega’s more spendy lines. As we’ve noted before, music can play an important role in relaxation and rejuvenation, so it’s a feature this chair really misses. (Of course, you can always just turn on your home music system, but you will still miss the massage synchronized with the beat of the music.)

Now let’s talk about the company that makes this chair. We have raved in our other reviews about the customer service and warranty offered by Omega, so I won’t go into great depth about those qualities here, but I do want to mention that we do place a great deal of emphasis on customer service and warranty, so an important part of our ranking system relates to those two issues. Omega consistently ensures that its customers are happy, and that fact figures heavily in this chair’s high ranking for this category.

Our customers often wonder at what price point these massage chairs cease to offer a full and invigorating massage. It’s difficult to answer that question, because different body types require different intensities and capabilities. However, we can confidently say that the chairs in this class, including the Omega Prestigio, deliver an experience near to a live massage. They are missing some of the high-tech bells and whistles of the more expensive chairs, but they still do the work a massage chair is designed to do—relax and invigorate. You will not be disappointed in the massage you receive from your Omega Prestigio.