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    Get the Most Realistic and Powerful Full Body Massage in Your Home with the Deluxe Massage Chair

    A body massage has always been a great way to get rid of various aches and pains suffered in day to day life. But, it can get really expensive to go to a salon or a spa for a full body massage. Now, you can get the most realistic and powerful full body massage in your home by getting the Osaki OS-1000 massage chair from

    The chair is loaded with fabulous features and five auto easy programs. It delivers seat, leg and full body massage effectively. The pre-set programs are therapy, health care, back, neck and full body relax. By using this chair, you can enjoy four different kinds of massages such as kneading and tapping, kneading, tapping and rolling. You can control the speed of massage manually to enjoy the experience in comfort.

    5 Preset Auto Programs:

    • Heath Care
    • Full Body Relax
    • Therapy
    • Neck/Shoulder
    • Back/Lumbar

    Osaki OS-1000 Massage Chair Details:

    • Delivers a powerful and realistic full body, seat & leg massage.
    • 4 Massage Types: Kneading & Tapping, Kneading, Tapping and Rolling
    • Intelligent 4 roller system - Flexible, conforms to the contour and shape of your back
    • Manual speed control of the massage
    • 3 different width settings
    • Reclines to 170 degrees
    • Added neck massage feature - Massage heads are designed to target stress relieving "tsubo points" on your neck.
    • Lower Back Range - The extensive range of motion allow for the roller heads to reach the tailbone area where most chairs lack.
    • Ultra-long range massage - Stroke length of 29". Reaches high up in the neck and low down into the tailbone section.
    • Fatigue relieving Air massage - Total of 20 Air bags are located in the lower body of the chair to provide massage for the legs, thighs and feet. Promoting better blood circulation to the lower extremities.
    • Adjustable air massage - 6 levels of intensity from strong to weak massage
    • Leg ottoman raises up or down dependently of the backrest
    • Vibration massage on the seat and calves
    • Easy-roll casters - Design of wheels can be moved easily.


    • Upright: 30" W x 49" Tall
    • 44" L Upright/ 72" L Reclined

    3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    • 1 Year Warranty on Labor
    • 3 Year Warranty on Parts

    Osaki will repair or replace all qualified items at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective due to of faulty parts, workmanship or structural defect during the first THREE (3) years of ownership, excluding specific limitations

    What Is Covered:

    • All parts, labor and framework of the chair are explicitly covered by this warranty
    • Within the first year at no cost to the customer, parts costs and labor will be provided by this warranty.
    • Within the next 2 years structural framework and parts are covered at no cost to the customer.

    Extended 4 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    • 2 Year Warranty on Labor
    • 4 Year Warranty on Parts

    Extended 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    • 3 Year Warranty on Labor
    • 5 Year Warranty on Parts
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Osaki OS-1000 Massage Chair Review

    I wanted to buy a massage chair 5 years ago, because I have back & hip problems. But I could not afford because the price was too high. The one I wanted to buy, by that time was $2500 to $3500, some of them even had higher prices.

    Last month, I bought this chair from here with an affordable price. This chair has most options comparing with the $1800 hundred Dollars chair.

    The people who are used to the old models chairs which were built 5 years ago with strong back massage may not like this chair. This chair's back massage is little gentle and softer comparing with the old models.

    Please refer to the previous review to find out more information about this chair. This chair is solid, good value, perfect size for people 5'8 and up. I'm small guy... is not that perfect fit. With good warranty, I hope it will last for the years to come.

    Good starter chair

    • quality
    • features
    • value
    • solid%20manufacturing
    • shuts%20off%20after%2015%20minutes
    • instructions%20could%20be%20better
    This is my first massage chair. I chose it because it appeared to be a good value -- lots of features vs. others in its price range -- with a leg massager, long stroke, and good warranty. The airbags in the calves is extremely strong... almost too powerful. Although the intensity is supposedly adjustable, I don't find that to actually change anything. The intensity also implies it can be changed even lower, but I can't get mine below 2 bars.

    The air bags in the thighs doesn't do much for me, but vibrations in the seat and calves is strong.

    The back massage is good, but could be even firmer. I like VERY high pressure (I even find deep tissue by a real person to not be hard enough), so you may find this firm enough.

    I've used this daily for several weeks and it works well overall. I don't like how it will shut down and lift you back up after 15 minutes. There is nothing to override it or extend the time. You have to go all the way back up to then turn it on again.

    The remote is easy to use and intuitive. The stitching, materials, and assembly all feel very solid.

    This is HEAVY, so think carefully where you want to put it and have enough room (2 feet behind and front) for clearance.

    Would be nice to use this as a normal (nonmassaging) recliner, but you can't do that because it will sit up after 15 minutes.

    I haven't noticed much difference between this chair and those costing twice as much at the mall stores.