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By Doug Marks
Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Have you ever felt just a tinge of guilt getting a fantastic deal on something you know was worth a lot more--kind of like the Dutch trader who bought Manhattan Island from the Indians for $24 in trinkets and beads? That’s how you’ll feel buying an Osaki OS-4000 massage chair. And you’ll need to get used to the feeling, because you’ll have it every time you sit down for a massage and think of how little you’re spending for that gentle trip to relaxation heaven.

Let me describe the features of the OS-4000 that make it so popular with our customers.

First, everyone loves the look. The chair projects a high-tech aura, but it also preserves a classic look and feel that make the chair a welcome guest in the most dignified of settings. It’s as comfortable sitting before a 72-inch home theater system as it is next to a stone fireplace or a law library full of leather-bound books. It’s as happy in the most technologically advanced dentist’s or chiropractor’s office as it is in the most posh executive suite. You just can’t go wrong with this chair from the point of view of appearance and style.

We also sell a lot of these chairs simply because of the fantastic warranty. Without paying any extra, you get the same warranty as a higher-priced Sanyo or Panasonic (also great chairs). In fact, the OS-4000’s warranty is even better than the warranties offered by those companies because the warranty on this Osaki massage chair is not voided by taking it into a commercial setting. In other words, you can take this chair into your chiropractic or dentist office and let people use it all day long, and the warranty remains in effect. The only other company that offers this kind of protection is Omega (another great line of chairs, by the way).

(I often advise people not to buy a chair that doesn’t carry an excellent warranty. The greatest features in the world are useless if they don’t work. And a warranty will tell you how confident a company is in its products. We have stopped carrying some lines of massage chairs just because of poor warranties.)

Now let’s talk about the airbags. At least one massage chair manufacturer refuses to use airbag technology. The owner told me that his thought is that only a mechanical massage can be truly effective. But I think that is an out-dated opinion. Osaki has really taken airbag technology and made it work. The OS-4000 has 32 airbags, which is one of the highest numbers of airbags available on any chair, including chairs in the $5,000+ range.

Why is the number of airbags important? Because a greater number of airbags gives the chair the flexibility to massage different points of your body at different times. Consider an extreme example. What if there were only two airbags. The massage would be nothing more than an overall compression and release. Now double that. With four airbags, you have a little more flexibility. Now consider 32 air bags and think about all the combinations of rolling compressions and targeted massage that a chair can accomplish with that flexibility. It’s definitely an important feature, and one of the reasons this chair is a “Manhattan steal.”

But wait—there’s more! The OS-4000 has a massage stroke of 30 inches. This is one of the longer strokes in the market, and it’s a great feature. With 30 inches, the chair fits people who are as tall as 6’4” tall. The drawback is that if you’re under 5’4” you’re going to have trouble getting your back and your feet massaged at the same time.

I don’t want to get long-winded here, but stay with me. This chair also has the zero gravity feature and heat, which are features you’re often going to pay in the $3,000 range for. And the removable headrest is also a nice addition. The wireless remote lets you control your chair without moving, and in offices such as chiropractic offices, the receptionist or other staff can control the massage a client is getting from a distance. The only thing the chair doesn’t have is an MP3 player.

You can tell I’m very excited about the OS-4000 massage chair. Please keep in mind that we sell all these other chairs, so we’re not just pitching this chair because it’s “our” chair. All these other chairs are great, and they have many good features. This one just has so many great features in its price range, our customers find it irresistible. So let me discuss just two last items with you to close out our argument in favor of this chair.

First, this chair has the same “grasp and release” technology offered by Panasonic in its $4,400 chair. What is that? It’s a feature that gently but firmly pinches the backs and top of your shoulders. Kessin Drews in our office described it as “the neatest feeling in the world.” And it really is. It relaxes those muscles that hold so much tension, and it does it without making you tense about your bank account.

Finally (I’ve saved the best for last), this chair has body scan technology that is usually reserved for much more expensive chairs. There are several levels of quality in body scan technology. Sanyo clearly has the best and most advanced technology. But in a mid-price range, the OS-4000 is unbeatable. What is body scan technology? It is a process by which a massage chair scans your back and tailors the massage accordingly. The sensor registers the curve of your back and how far your spine and muscles are away from the chair. With that information, the chair is able to adjust where the rollers and airbags deploy. Where your back is closer to the chair’s massaging tools, those tools are deployed without moving out so far. Where your muscles and back are further out, those tools move closer, in order to give you the full benefit of your massage. The technology ensures that none of your back is missed AND that none of your back gets massaged with too much force.

So enjoy your OS-4000 with the knowledge that you really got the very best bang for your buck. You won’t regret it.

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