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Item #: OS-E5082
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    The Osaki OS-E5082 Dual Head Handheld Massager designed to provide an invigorating massage with soothing heat. It comes with a choice of 4 attachments and 4 different types of programs to provide you localized relief to exactly where you need it most. This handheld massager is highly recommended for the people who are looking for a regular foot massage after their hectic day at work. Manufactured with the highest quality materials employing the latest technology, this massager allows you to enjoy soothing foot massage right at the comfort of your home without any inconvenience. Attractively designed and easy to use, this handheld massager features:


    • Powerful, High Tech massager
    • Percussion infrared massage
    • Variable massage strength
    • 4 Massage programs
    • Rubberized handle
    • 4 types of attachment
    • Available Colors – Black & White