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Item #: OS-F132
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    Osaki OS-F132 3D Foot Massager

    Osaki OS-F132 3D Foot Massager from is one of the best foot massagers available on the market. The primary advantage of owning this foot massager is that you no longer need to spend time from your busy day to visit a massage therapist. Instead, you can relax right at the comfort of your home. Lastly, another added benefit is the fact that you will save a lot by buying a foot machine and paying a onetime cost to buy the product rather than going out to visit a local massage therapist. The Osaki OS-F132 3D Foot Massager is a stylish massager that has automatic and manual control to get a soothing foot massage. This foot massager comes equipped the Sole fixed-point style mode and synchronous massage mode that provides a human-like massage experience. It also provides heat switch, direction and speed control to provide a relaxing massage to the users. Cost-effective, this foot massager features:


    • Wave-style mode : This style emulates waving massage following the rhythm.
    • Sole fixed-point style mode : Through the convex of rotating axis, the sole is stimulated to relax the foot and to eliminate fatigue.
    • Synchronous massage mode : The synchronous motor movements on both sides give the experience of human-like massage.
    • Automatic or Manual control of massage
    • Heat (mild) Switch
    • Direction Control
    • Speed Control
    • Color – White