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Item #: OS-K818
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    Osaki OS-K818 Foot Massager

    Osaki OS-K818 Foot Massager from the is one of the best massagers available on the market, which is engineered carefully to provide soothing massage to its users. This Foot Massager features various massage techniques like shiatsu, kneading, air pressure, and heat. The massage techniques that Osaki OS-K818 Foot Massager offers are the most effective for taking you away from the major health problems like depression, anxiety, nausea, cramps, pulled muscles and much more. Osaki OS-K818 Foot Massager’s shiatsu massage technique presses the pressure point of the foot to remove the diseases from which the users are suffering for years. This foot massager is highly recommended for the people who are looking for a regular foot massage therapy. The foot massager is equipped with auto and manual three level of speed and two level of heat, to provide its users a needful massage therapy.Available at the most competitive prices, this foot massager features:


    • Beautiful appearance, portable and convenient
    • Combination with shiatsu massage, kneading massage, air pressure massage, and heating
    • Covers all acupressure points - kneading & shiatsu from toes to heels to cover all acupressure points
    • Air pressure massage function makes you more relaxed
    • Three levels of intensity adjustments
    • Auto and Manual programs
    • Two levels of heat - low/high
    • 15 minutes shutoff
    • Powered by DC12V adapter, safe and reliable


    • Available Colors – Black/Yellow, White/Orange, White/Purple, White/Black