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Item #: OS-N636
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Price: $150.00

    Osaki OS-N636 Massage Belt from is a big health kit in a small package. This Kneading Shoulder Neck Massage Belt is manufactured with cutting-edge technology to provide the most shooting massage session to their users. The Osaki OS-N636 Massage Belt comes equipped with eight Kneading knobs for effective and simultaneous massage therapy. This massage belt from Osaki offers both clockwise and counter clockwise direction massage as per the requirement of the user. This massage belt has a heating function on kneading knobs to provide their use extra comfort and enjoyment during their massage session. This black color massage belt have different level of intensity and speed with an auto off function. If you are looking for a cost-effective massage solution then you can buy this product from here. Cost-effective, this massage belt features:


    • Easy to Clean and Use
    • 8 Kneading knobs for effective and simultaneous massaging on your shoulder and neck
    • Direction of clockwise and counter clockwise
    • Heating function on kneading knobs
    • 15 minutes automatic shut off function
    • Rated Voltage: AC120V/60Hz
    • Rated Power: 80W
    • Color – Black