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Item #: MCEP-MA70
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    Panasonic EP-MA70 Real Pro "Thermal" Massage Chair from the is one of the best massage chairs available in the market. It is first massage chair on the market that is powered with the ceramic heaters into its rollers. This massage chair reproduces the hot stone treatment of a massage therapist. Nowadays it is in trend to add heating elements to massage chairs, simulating hot stone spa therapy and hot yoga, to relieve fatigue and provide additional therapeutic value. The MA70 newly developed thermal ceramic heater comes built into the rollers themselves, massage the back, neck and shoulders to melt away stiffness. Attractive in look this massage chair also has shiatsu massage feature.

    thermal ceramic heater

    The MA70 Real Pro "Thermal" massage chair truly breaks new ground in innovation and style with a brand name you can trust and 40 years of experience. This chair is manufactured 100% in Japan.

    • Panasonic's proprietary technology to produce a variety of "3D mechanical massages"
    • Six courses chosen according to general fatigue, stiffness and body type.
    • "Voice navigation" to guide you through each and every program.
    • Massage techniques that can be instantly repeated with the push of just one button.
    • Moving synchronized "follow" armrest massage. Follows your body when reclining or in any position.
    • Complete and total full body massage, neck, traps, mid back, lower back, shoulder, arm, hand, seat, hip, thigh, T-band, hamstring, calf and foot with full rolling heat and stretching.

    Full Coverage:When in use, the MA70 provides full body massage to the neck, back, outer arm, forearm, hand, seat, calf and foot.

    Stylish:When not in use the calf and foot unit can be tucked away and the arm massage folded down. The MA70 now becomes a traditional recliner.

    Head and scalp soothing, tension-relieving massage

    The Pelvic Tilt. Hip, Thigh and Hamstring massage: Air bags inflate alternately left and right to swivel the pelvis. Air bag massage as well for the Hips, Thighs and Hamstrings.

    Tilt. Hip, Thigh and Hamstring massage

    Tilt. Hip, Thigh and Hamstring massage

    Shoulder blade and chest stretch.:Outer shoulder airbags sooth and hold the body in place while the heated 3D action of the rollers gently push and stretch the shoulder blades and chest.

    Shoulder blade and chest stretch

    Calf, leg, foot massage and stretching: Multiple strategically located airbags in the calf, foot and leg, hold and squeeze while the entire unit gently moves to stretch the lower body. This gentle traction provides yet another level of therapy while the massage chair also continues to work the entire upper body.

    Calf, leg, foot massage and stretching

    Acupoint's: You have approximately 350 acupoint's on your body, with nearly 100 on your back and neck alone. From the soothing style of the Refresh massage, to deep tissue kneading, to Shiatsu massage, the EP-MA70 Real Pro™ has a variety of techniques for invigorating these energy acupoints. And with the addition of the stone therapy heat in the rollers, the activation of these acupoints intensifies with each passing stroke, tap and knead of the 3D massage mechanism.

    Plus 6 Manual Programs:

    • Ultra Kneading - An intense version of kneading. Provides maximum stimulation of the muscles while simultaneously relaxing them.
    • Shiatsu - Finger pressure massage using thumb pressure, hold and release for strong deep-tissue pressure and stretching.
    • Kneading - A deep maximum therapeutic effect that stimulates acupoints and increases energy flow. Particularly useful for the neck and shoulders
    • Swedish - Gentle pressure using multiple rollers to simulate the palms of hands. Designed primarily to relax the muscles.
    • Rolling - Massage pads roll up and down along the spine. Pressure is relieved from compressed cervical disks and muscles are gently stretched.
    • Tapping - Simulates the sensation of hands rapidly tapping on the back muscles giving you an invigorated and revitalized feeling.


    • Upright: 45.3" x 37.4" x 48"
    • Reclined: 26" x 37.4" x 79.6"
    • Weight: 218 lbs.
    • User Weight Limit: 264 lbs.

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    Panasonic covers their EP-30005 Massage Chair with Parts and Labor for 3 Years and Parts* for 5 Years from the date of purchase. This includes on-site service, on-site repair, or removal of the product to a Panasonic Authorized Service Center for 3 Years. *Parts replacement for 5 Years.


    The Massage Block and Electrical Components are covered with Parts for 5 Years and Labor for 3 years. The purchaser pays for all labor charges related to the removal and installation of the moving block and/or components during the 4th and 5th year of Warranty Coverage. With Panasonic brand Massage Chairs there is a 1,000-hour cap on the massage chair Warranty. 1000 hours is equivalent to one 15-minute massage a day for 11 years.

    What's Covered?

    • Stains
    • Rips
    • Cuts
    • Tears
    • Burns
    • Heat Marks
    • Dye Transfer
    • Mechanism Failures
    • (Basically anything that would be considered an "oops" or an "accident".)

    Plan Details:

    • Coverage lasts 5 yrs from date of delivery of furniture
    • Maximum of $50,000 in retail value coverage- Furniture must be used in a normal, indoor, domestic household situation.
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    Montage Furniture Protection Plan is mailed once your furniture set ships. The paperwork will have a convenient toll free number to call for claims, your unique customer number and their policies for repair and replacement.