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Item #: EP30005KU
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    Real Pro Ultra™ with Arm Massage and special back pad

    A Tailored Massage

    Using pressure sensor technology, the Ultra creates a virtual map of your back. The massage you receive is contoured to your height and your spine's curve. Real Pro Ultra scans your body and is able to identify you. The "floating" massage heads glide over your back and know where to massage and where not to. You create your own customizable program, which Ultra remembers for the next time you're ready for a massage. The air bags conform to your body, and the Air Ottoman System even extends to open/closed to accommodate any height.

    The "Junetsu" Massage Technique: A Panasonic Exclusive

    Junetsu, the Japanese word for "ultra-fine kneading," is basedon the one-second circular thumb movements of professional massage therapists. Junetsu quickly loosens up tight muscles, and the spiral circular motion reverberates down through the muscles to invigorate you down to the surface of your bones.


    For professional, personalized massage therapy on your feet, the Real Pro Ultra utilizes adjustable and removable plates to incorporate reflexology into the massage experience. This reflexology stimulates additional massage points on your feet, increasing blood and energy flow throughout your body.


    You have approximately 350 acupoints on your body, with nearly 100 on your back and neck alone. From the soothing palm style of Swedish massage, to deep tissue kneading, to Shiatsu massage, the Real Pro Ultra has a variety of techniques for invigorating these energy acupoints.

    Advanced Quad-Style Massage Technology

    Massage heads that open and close these four massage styles can be chosen during a massage

    Massage Styles Include

    • Shiatsu - finger pressure massage using thumb pressure to press, hold and release for strong deep-tissue pressure and stretching using 2 massage heads.
    • Swedish - variety of massage techniques designed to relax and invigorate muscles.
    • Fist Kneading - push & grasp for a deep maximum therapeutic effect, that stimulates accupoints and increases energy flow. Particularly useful for the neck and shoulders.
    • Grasping - thumb and finger closing kneading massage

    Massage Programs Include

    • Relax, Rejuvenate, Invigorate - Increase circulation, relieve tension and increase energy with 296 square inches of air massage:
    • Arm & Palm Massage - Increase circulation andwarmth, removes tension.
    • Arm & Shoulder Stretch - Gradual stretching of shoulder muscles to remove tension & increase flexibility
    • Hip & Leg Stretch - Works to alleviate stiffness in your lower back, hips and thighs. The air system in the ottoman squeezes the lower legs while it lowers and raises in 20 increments.
    • Seat Massage - Gently squeezes and soothes buttocks.
    • Calf Massage -Gently squeezes and loosens tightness, increases circulation.


    Panasonic covers their EP-30005 Massage Chair with Parts and Labor for 3 Years and Parts* for 5 Years from the date of purchase. This includes on-site service, on-site repair, or removal of the product to a Panasonic Authorized Service Center for 3 Years. *Parts replacement for 5 Years.


    The Massage Block and Electrical Components are covered with Parts for 5 Years and Labor for 3 years. The purchaser pays for all labor charges related to the removal and installation of the moving block and/or components during the 4th and 5th year of Warranty Coverage. With Panasonic brand Massage Chairs there is a 1,000-hour cap on the massage chair Warranty. 1000 hours is equivalent to one 15-minute massage a day for 11 years.

    What's Covered?

    • Stains
    • Rips
    • Cuts
    • Tears
    • Burns
    • Heat Marks
    • Dye Transfer
    • Mechanism Failures
    • (Basically anything that would be considered an "oops" or an "accident".)

    Plan Details:

    • Coverage lasts 5 yrs from date of delivery of furniture
    • Maximum of $50,000 in retail value coverage- Furniture must be used in a normal, indoor, domestic household situation.
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    Montage Furniture Protection Plan is mailed once your furniture set ships. The paperwork will have a convenient toll free number to call for claims, your unique customer number and their policies for repair and replacement.