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By Kessin Drews
Panasonic EP30007KX Massage Chair When I think of the name Panasonic, my mind immediately goes to the TV in my living room, the cordless razor my husband uses, and the camcorder that recorded our last family vacation. Panasonic has been a name in the American home for quite some time, and it comes with a solid reputation for quality. When I found that they also offered massage chairs, I was intrigued to say the least.

With curiosity nudging me to find out more about these additions to the Panasonic family, I went to a local store to see if these chairs were everything I was hoping for. If you have ever been to a massage chair store, you can sometimes feel as though you just walked into a science fiction event. Some of the chairs can look very “space-age”. I was thrilled to find that the Panasonic didn’t look like something that was counting down to take-off, but rather a very attractive piece of furniture.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful wood covers over the arm rest. I thought to myself, this is going to look great in the family room! I reached out and ran my hand down the back of the chair, which was covered in the softest leather-like material I have ever felt. I thought for sure it had to be suede from the feel; however, I found that the use of leather in massage chairs is not always encouraged, as it will crack with the pressure of the rollers behind it. This synthetic fabric is even better in my opinion, both in softness and appearance. You can even wipe it down with a damp cloth for cleaning!

I sat down in the chair to begin my test drive. I am a tall person, and was thrilled to find that the leg rest will extend up to 5” to accommodate different heights. I pushed the button to recline and waited in excitement for the fun to begin. In a “zero gravity” position I already felt the pressure come off of my back and hips.

Within just a few seconds, the chair had performed a full scan of my back. I had never had a “scan” done before, and wondered what this entailed. I was excited to find that this chair creates a map of my back, and instantly creates a massage just for me! It can find the curve of your spine and the muscles that are in need of a little extra TLC. The chair knew I was taller than the last user and adjusted accordingly.

Deep Tissue-That was exactly what I needed to help bring me back to life after some traveling. My muscles were tight and sore from being in the car for long periods of time and sleeping on a hotel bed that was far different from my own. Everything hurt! Luckily, with about two clicks on the easy-to-use remote, I was all set to have a 15-minute deep tissue session. I had heard that Panasonic was known for their strength in massage. Well, the people who say that knew what they were talking about! I have tried a lot of chairs and this was hands down the strongest ever.

Not only did this chair manage to penetrate every single sore muscle I had from head to toe, it even found muscles I wasn’t aware I had. The EP-30007kx uses a massage technique known as Junetsu, or “ultra-fine” kneading. Junetsu is meant to replicate the small, circular movements a massage therapist performs with their thumbs to really target specific places within the muscle. This combined with the advanced quad roller system was able to work nearly every square inch of my back.

If you are anything like me, no massage is complete without a little attention to the feet (that is an understatement for some). Most people have heard that the feet have a direct connection to many parts of the body and overall well being. This chair has advanced reflexology plates included. It knows exactly where to put pressure to create an overall health and wellness experience. I am mildly asthmatic and found it even easier to breathe as this part of the massage continued on. If for any reason the reflexology is not your thing-never fear! The plates can be removed as well.

While I was still staring down at my feet and enjoying every second of relief, I was suddenly surprised by something I had never experienced before in a massage chair. It pinched me! Not the type of pinch you use to wake up from a dream (which I had begun to question), but the type of “pinch” that my masseuse does on my shoulders. This chair actually “grabbed” the sore muscles in my shoulders and worked the muscle just like a human hand. One would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

The clerk came over to my area at this point to see how I was doing. So relaxed I was barely able to speak, I lifted my hand with an enthusiastic thumbs up! The clerk, seeing my hand in the air, realized he had forgotten to tell me about another hidden feature in this chair. Those beautiful arm rests I had so loved upon the first look actually lift up to reveal a hand/arm massage feature. Wow! I slid my arms under those pretty covers and waited in anticipation of what was around this corner.

Sadly, I was not overly impressed with this feature. Maybe it just isn’t my thing. With the amount of strength in the back, the pinpoint accuracy in the feet, I expected more in the arms. It wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t a match for the rest of the chair. Luckily, I would have never missed it had the clerk not come over, so I wasn’t excessively upset. I will just rest my arms on top of the sleek armrests rather than under. Problem solved!

Yeah, it keeps going… There is also a calf/leg massage which felt great. I nearly jumped out of the chair when I felt some of the many airbags tighten gently without releasing again. Wondering what it was doing, I shot a concerned look to my new friend the sales rep. “The chair is going to stretch you” he said with a smile. That almost sounded scary. But with a very gentle and gradual increment, the chair gently pulled my muscles toward the floor, which felt unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It went through 20 different positions while I felt it instantly relieve pressure I had been building up for years in my legs, hip, and back. Yippy!

So now that I was officially melted into a puddle, breathing well, feeling taller and trying to think how I could convince my husband to add this to the Christmas list, I tried to pull myself back and think logically about the big picture. What is it missing?

Well, one thing I wish they had added to this chair was heat. I think that would have been the cherry-that is on top of the icing- that is already on this cake. The actual quality of the massage more than makes up for it in the overall picture, I just wondered why Panasonic decided to leave this feature out. Later in speaking with my new sales rep buddy, I was informed that the body will naturally heat up as some areas are massaged. If the massage is done well, the area will often feel slightly warmed. Maybe they opted out of including this so everyone would know they did the job exactly as it needed to be done.

Japan is well known for being the industry leaders in massage equipment. This chair is one of the few still being manufactured in Japan today using only the highest quality components. When you couple these top of the line parts and motors with a three year warranty, I think Panasonic has put together a sweet little package.

I could go on and on about this experience. In all honesty, I have only touched on some of the highlights and not nearly all of the features it has to offer. I didn’t figure you wanted to read for an hour about one chair-so I will leave it with this. Strong massage, top of the line features, and great aesthetic. It was definitely a highlight in my massage life. I am still pondering that Christmas list and how to get this chair to the top…

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