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Item #: Komfort Kush
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    The Sacro-Ease Komfort Kush Seat Cushion is an exceptional product that reduces stress and provide ultimate relaxation to your tailbone area and spine. It has a perfectly shaped wedge with a cutout in the tailbone area that brings your hips and knees to a neutral seating position taking the pressure off your spine and hips. It is manufactured with high density poly foam and quality tested on certain parameters to ensure it removes the pressure off your back. It provides the utmost comfort to your back when working on office chairs, at home on the couch, or while driving. Available at the most competitive prices, the Sacro-Ease Komfort Kush Seat Cushion features:

      • 3" to 1" poly foam wedge made for a quick fix for any seating situation that you need to take the pressure off your back
      • The shape tilts your pelvis slightly forward to restore the spine's natural lumber curve
      • The cutout section of the cushion virtually eliminates the pressure on your tailbone and spine
      • Ultra-suede cover is removable for easy cleanup
      • Non-slip bottom and a carrying handle make it easy to transport
      • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty!

        5 year manufacturer warranty!