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    The Sacro-Ease Starlite Pillow from is manufactured with the memory foam, which supports your neck and relieves stress from the shoulders and upper back to properly align your spine. Our Starlite Pillow is available in three different types, including Starlite regular, Starlite Thick, and Starlite Thin. Starlite regular is a blended memory foam, whereas Starlite Thick and Thin are a true memory foam. These pillows have proper pillow thickness which allow you to automatically correct the posture while sleeping. This Starlite Pillow is a perfect stress buster, encourages better sleep, and reduces snoring. This comfortable pillow is available in two different shapes to provide utmost comfort to the users. Cost-effective, the Sacro-Ease Starlite Pillow features:

    • Provides orthopedic neck support
    • Starlite regular is a blended memory foam.
    • Starlite Thick and Thin are a true memory foam
    • Offers 2 different shapes for maximum comfort.
    • Two pillow cases - one is removable for laundering

    2 year manufacturer warranty!