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Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami Massage Chair Review

by Bryan Rider February 07, 2021


Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami massage chair is a Japanese made chair under the Osaki brand that speaks of luxury, quality, and class. It is one of the few chairs in the market that makes use of the 4-dimensional rollers to carry out the massage. 

With more effective roller movement, this chair can target trouble spots and deal with it during the massage.

Osaki OS- 4D 970 Kiwami also boasts of a 2 ball head massage rollers that only a few chairs in the market have.

Let’s look at what this chair has to offer…


Features and Programs


Dual Ball Head Rollers


Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami is one of the few massage chairs on the marketthat uses dual ball head massage rollers. 

The massage rollers are the thumbs of a massage chair. 

While other chairs use the quad style rollers, Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami decides to use a dual ball head rollers for more effect.

The rollers can reach into trouble spots in your back to effect massage.

Another importance is that with the dual ball there is more surface area to exert pressure. 

This means that you get a more effective massage with lesser intensity.

The dual ball head is an advanced technologically engineered roller type that delivers much more pleasurable massage than the usual quad style roller.


Superior 4D Massage Rollers

Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami massage chair deploys 4D massage rollers, this a step forward from the 3-dimensional rollers.

A roller mimics the human thumb during a massage. 

The different directions they can travel during a massage determines how extensive the massage will be.

The 3D rollers will usually move forward, backward and sideways to deliver massage.

The 4-dimensional rollers will move in the direction of the 3D rollers and then use varying speeds and strengths to execute the 4th dimension.

Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami used this 4th dimension to mimic the Japanese styles manual massage, where the masseuse applies different pressures and speeds and also pinpoint massage.

The rollers in Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami has a length of 30’’ and runs on an S-track formation.


Upper Shoulder Massage with Roller Extension


The upper shoulders in our bodies usually carry a lot of stress, especially if you work in a place where you get to sit down for long periods.

I like that Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami decided to deal with the neck muscles that connect the head to the neck.

They achieved this by deploying an extended roller technology that covers that area too.

It feels much like when you have a masseuse in-house who focuses on your neck area.

The Upper shoulder massage is quite intensive and works well to help you relax and relieve tension on your neck and head region.

The rollers can extend outwards up to 5”; helping to deal with the Trapezius muscle.


Body Scan with Double Sensor Technology


Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami does not use the normal body scan technology that other chairs have come to be known for.

In this massage chair, the Body scan technology not only maps the different contours of the body to ensure that it knows how to apply pressure to your acupressure points.

It also has the double sensor technology which identifies the accurate shoulder point, to ensure that your shoulders are well set in place during the massage.

The spinal detection feature which this massage chair deploys helps you to correctly locate your spinal length and breadth and ensures a deeper massage.


Air compression massage


Air compression massages all those places that a roller cannot reach, for example, the hands, hips, legs, and thighs. 

Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami deploys about 36 airbags that are located at the hips, lumbar, hands arms, calves, feet, upper arms, shoulders, and thighs.

For each of these locations, the airbag inflates and deflates to release pressure which is used to carry out the massage.

Outer shoulder massage:The outer shoulders have airbags that are attached to it. 

They use air pressure to perform massage on the outer shoulders.

With the inflation and deflation movement of the airbags, the shoulders are also held in place while the rollers move along the back. 

This is why the double sensor component is important, if there was no accurate detection of shoulder points, the rollers will not do an effective massage work.

Hand and Arm Massage: The hand and arm air compression massage serves as not only an air compression component but can contour the arms for an even massage process.

The airbag pressure also grips the arms and draws it inwards for a more thorough massage.

Hip Squeeze:The inflation and deflation movement of the air compression massage, serves as a hip squeeze for the hips which is quite enjoyable.

If you have sciatic pains on your hips, this massage chair will help to relive it.

Calf and Foot massage: The calf and foot airbags does an incredible massage through inflation and deflation pressure.  

The airbags are positioned at the back of the feet and also in the front. 

The pressure helps to relieve pain from the feet. 

The mecha balls underneath the feet have acupoint nodes which rotate to help massage underneath the feet.

Auto leg extension 


The auto leg extension feature helps the Ottoman to extend to accommodate any leg length. 

This extensions feature makes it easy for airbags to wrap itself around the calves and produce a pleasurable calf massage.

When you place your leg on the Ottoman it automatically extends until your full leg length is accommodated.


Auto Recline

At the press of a button, the Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami reclines to a flatbed position which makes your massage even more pleasurable as stress is relieved from your spine.


Easy To Use Touch Screen Remote


The remote control is LCD, easy to use and even though it is portable and slim, the texts are not tiny and you can always see what function you are using.

The remote control functions are for both the manual and auto controls. 

It is a full-color touch screen remote.


Massage Techniques and Styles


Osaki OS- 4D 970 Kiwami has a variety of massage programs for you to choose from. 

The Auto program has 21 different programs and is divided into 4 distinct types namely 

  • Sommelier course. 
  • Whole-body rejuvenate.
  • Whole-body relax.
  • Whole-body stretch.

The manual massage function has a variety of 35 different massage techniques.

Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami also offers spot/ zone massage, Spot massage will usually concentrate on a particular area while Zone massage is used for zones of the body where you want to concentrate the massage.

Massage Intensity and Speed

For Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami, speed is an important component of its massage delivery. 

That is why it is called a superior 4D massage chair.

The speed of the rollers determines how fast the rollers will travel along your back region. 

It also helps to work on specific areas where you need a hard massage.

Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami has the option for you to set the speed levels of your choice.


The intensity of the rollers or the airbags is the strength which is applied via either the rollers or the airbags during a massage.

The dual ball rollers have 7-12 stages of intensity that you can deploy while using it.

This is quite unusual, for most massage chairs they usually stop at an intensity of either 8 or 10.

The rollers can also protrude up to 5 inches when extended during a massage.

The airbags also have its intensity levels that start from mild to strong. It has 5 different levels of airbag intensity for you to choose from.

The intensity levels of your airbags determine how much pressure you can exert on your body while undergoing massage.

The airbag intensity can be individually set for these 4 zones, arms, shoulders, hips, feet.

Special features

Highly Advanced Back Massage System

Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami is quite special because of its advanced back massage system. 

If you suffer from backaches, this is one chair you should buy.

The reason is that Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami took a different approach in creating the back massage system.

The chair breaks down the back section into 3 different portions, the upper, mid and lower back.

It then applies different massage techniques to each portion of the back.

This ensures that each portion of the back has what it needs to feel great.

The Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami even has a special massage feature for the shoulder blades. 

Through its double sensor scanning system, it’s able to pinpoint the shoulder blades and runs across it to deliver adequate massage.

The back massage system covers the neck, shoulders, waist, back, and seat.


Dual Heat Therapy


Heat therapy is a great stimulant that helps to relax muscles for a more effective massage.

Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami deployed heat therapy in two places, at the lumbar and the feet.

This dual therapy method makes it a chair that is apart from the others.

The warming effect is quite therapeutic.

Superior 4D Massage System and 3D point Navigation.

The superior 4D massage rollers, dual ball head and 3D point navigation via the use of its rollers all make Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami special.

There is no mid-range priced chair that you will find all these features.


Memory settings


It is okay to pick the massage program you like and hit the button and you are already enjoying your massage. 

But what happens after the massage is over, you get off the massage chair and the next time you want a massage you have to repeat the process.

What if you want a repeat of the experience you had last time, it will only be possible if you saved it on the remote memory. 

Every massage chair has a remote control but only a very select few offer you memory settings. 

This is where Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami sets the bar high, the memory settings make it possible to save your best programs so that as soon as you hit start, you are already enjoying your massage. 

No frustrating time spent trying to recreate a former experience.




Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami has the following specifications

Name Value
Model  4D-970 Kiwami
Power Usage Power: 165W, Frequency:50/60Hz Voltage: 110-120V
Weight 194lbs
Recommended height and weight Height: 5’-6’3’’, Weight: 250lbs
Dimensions(inches) Upright: L*H*W=53.9*48.4*31.5Recline: L*H*W=75.6*31.9*31.5
Material Synthetic leather
Auto timer 5-30 mins.


Warranty and Service

You should have a return authorization number that will enable you to ship the product to the service center.

You are also welcome to contact the customer service center at Osaki for further clarification.

Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami offers you a 3-year solid warranty on faulty parts, structural defects or workmanship for the first 3 years of use at no cost to you.

The warranty will not cover willful damage or shipping costs, it will also not cover wear and tear due to usage including zipper malfunction.

 Delivery options for Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami include 

 Curbside delivery

Curbside delivery is free and you will have to assemble the chair yourself.

 White glove delivery

This delivery option comes with assembling by the professionals. It has a cost attached though.

 How to obtain a warranty

You would provide proof of purchase.




  • Superior 4D massage technology
  • Dual ball roller system
  • High end back massage system
  • Variety of massage programs
  • User flexibility




  • No Glute massage
  • No zero gravity effect.




Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami employs a technologically advanced system to perform a massage that is both effective and desirable.

This mid-range priced chair delivers on its promises and will be long-lasting due to the design capabilities.

Its functionalities beat any mid-range priced massage chair in the market.

 If you have suffered back issues, this may be the chair that will finally give you the relief you need.

With Osaki OS-4D 970 Kiwami you get quality, superior class and durability at a reasonable price.

Price: 3999USD

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