Titan Luca V Massage Chair Review

Titan Luca V Massage Chair Review

The Titan Luca V is a good mid-range chair: plenty of features, advanced enough to feel high quality, but still reasonably affordable in price. If you’re looking for a good chair with some desirable features, this might be the right chair for you. As we’ll see today, the Titan Luca V has some significant features to recommend it, and is a pretty good deal at this price point. Let’s take stock and see if it could be the right home massage chair to meet your needs. With all of that said, let’s jump in and take a look at the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Zero Gravity.

1.) Features and Programs

L-Track Roller

When we talk about massage chairs, the rollers that do the work of delivering the massage are particularly important, so let’s start by talking about the Titan Luca V’s rollers, specifically its L-track system. A roller track may be either an S-track, meaning it curves in a roughly s-shaped fashion from your head and neck down to your tailbone (coccyx), or an L-track, meaning it does that but then keeps going all the way down to your legs. The Titan Luca V is an L-track, which is great if you like that extra massage coverage. Granted, some people find the S-track perfectly sufficient, but if you carry a lot of stress in your legs you’ll probably appreciate the extra coverage—and to be clear, the Titan Luca V goes all the way down to your glutes and the tops of your hamstrings. Personally, I enjoy the Titan Luca V’s L-track. I don’t always have to have an L-track massage, but when I do it’s very enjoyable, and this one is excellent.

Air Massage

In addition to rollers, we need to talk about airbags: after all, in addition to the rollers they are the main contributor to the massage experience. This chair has a total of 16 airbags. This is a relatively low number, but that’s a good thing: with airbag count, less really is more. Fewer airbags means, simply put, a more efficient massage chair. That is the entire purpose of this technology: to reduce the number of mechanical parts, meaning greater energy efficiency and less chance of mechanical failure. I found this part of the massage very relaxing. These are well-designed airbags, and they enhance the overall massage experience considerably.

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity position is one of those amazing things you have to experience to really understand. Try it, and you’ll see how this NASA-inspired position came by its name: it really is the kind of thing that will make you think you’re an astronaut. With Zero Gravity, you lie back and allow the weight of your back to be supported by the backrest. This makes for a more intense massage and reduces the compression along your spine. The Titan Luca V has a well-engineered massage roller and airbags, so the Zero Gravity position is very relaxing and eminently worth experiencing.

Extendable Footrest

The footrest will extend up to 7.3”, allowing it to accommodate heights up to 6’3”. This is handy and convenient, to be certain, though it is also the kind of thing one should expect to see in a massage chair. I found adjusting the footrest to be a pretty simple task, one that didn’t take me long to figure out and which was pretty easy to complete.

Advanced Footrollers

The foot area contains spinning rollers that massage and stretch the bridge of the feet. The airbags inflate, and the pressure from the rollers increases. This is definitely a pretty nice feature. I’m very much a proponent of foot massages, so it’s wonderful to see Titan working with advanced footroller technology here.

Remote & Pocket

The remote is a slim LCD remote which has some rather intuitive buttons, which I like. When I interact with a remote, I want to be able to figure out what each button does without a great deal of time or trouble. There are a lot of buttons on this remote, but when you look at them they make sense and work overall. There’s also a remote pocket on the right side of the chair, and that makes a convenient place to store the remote when you’re not using it.

Space-Saving Technology

This chair is a space saver. You only require 4” from the backrest to the wall to accommodate it when you go from the upright to the reclined position, because the chair slides forward. Compared with a more conventional build, this saves up to 2 feet of space.

2) Massage Techniques and Styles

This chair has 5 massage styles: Kneading, Knocking, Knocking & Kneading, Tapping, and Shiatsu. This is a pretty reasonable number of styles, and you’re likely to find them enjoyable. Try Knocking & Kneading, which combines the knocking and kneading styles in a way that I’ve found really helps the muscles to loosen up. There are also 4 sets of auto massage programs, each unique and focused on a particular massage style.

3) Massage Intensity and Speed

There are 3 levels of speed: slow, medium, and fast. Similarly, intensity can be adjusted between the 3 levels of soft, medium, and strong. I found the levels of speed entirely reasonable. The slow setting was about right for a light massage—and sometimes I like those, but usually I prefer something a bit more robust. I’ve experienced a lot of chair massages, so I don’t usually go for medium, either, but the medium setting on the Titan Luca V would be ideal for a day on which I have a modicum of stress in my back and simply need a little relaxation. The fast setting is much more my speed. For me personally, this was the setting I liked the best, and when I turned the intensity up all the way, it was a deeply relaxing experience. The levels of intensity, similarly, range from a pretty soft touch to a medium one that is more robust, to a strong setting that is very vigorous and can help you dig deep and really relax your muscles.

4) Special Features

This chair has some notable special features, from color options to Bluetooth speakers. Let’s take stock.

Color Options

The color options are brown, black, and cream. This is pretty reasonable. Personally, I tend to like the way black massage chairs look—there’s something sleek about many chairs, including this one, in that color.

Heating Elements on Lumbar

Heating is an important thing to consider in a massage chair. It can be very enjoyable, because the effect of the heat is to encourage your muscles to relax. This is the same principle in action when you get a hot stone massage. The Titan Luca V has two heating pads in the lumbar area. The temperature is mild, but pleasant. On the whole, a good heating feature. As a general rule, for me personally, I like it on many days, particularly when it is not very warm outside and particularly when I am feeling very stressed. On some days it is optional.

Bluetooth Speakers

This is one of those chairs that has Bluetooth speakers, a feature I definitely appreciate—I love to listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook while getting a massage, and these speakers are high-quality. This feature is certainly a perk with regard to this chair.


Curbside delivery is free. White glove delivery is an additional $250.00. Personally, I’m a fan of white glove, but your mileage may vary: the advantage with white glove is that it saves you the time and hassle and stress associated with getting the chair into your home and in place. When you consider the size and weight of these chairs, there’s a great case for paying extra to get the white glove delivery service.

5) Specifications

The specifications are as follows:
Power supply: 110V ~ 60Hz
Rated power: 150W
Rated working time: 15 minutes
Net weight: 198 lbs.
Gross weight: 233.2 lbs.
Box dimension: 51” x 32” x 45”
Width: 20” (Seat), 28” (Chair)
Length: 59” (Upright), 69” (Reclined)
Height: 34.5” (Reclined), 43” (Upright)

6) Warranty

The warranty is fairly standard: you get parts costs and labor costs covered for the first year, and then parts costs for the second year, and structural framework for the third year. A 1-year extended parts/labor warranty can be purchased for $149.95, and a 2-year extended parts/labor warranty for $249.95. What is not covered by the warranty is shipping expenses, transportation damage, theft, abuse, neglect, vandalism, modifications or alterations of the product, improper use, environmental conditions, etc. These terms are fairly standard as far as warranties go, and so long as you are using your chair in an appropriate manner and taking good care of it, it is unlikely you will have much to worry about.

7) Pros:

Many chairs at this price point are S-tracks, and while there is nothing wrong with that, the fact that this one is an L-track makes that much more competitive. The efficient airbag system is another thing in favor of this chair. Only 16 airbags means an efficient airbag system that is more power-efficient and less prone to breaking down. More to the point, they provide a very enjoyable experience. I really liked the way these airbags delivered over the course of the massage. The Zero Gravity position is something I love in practically every chair I try that has it, so it counts as another point in favor of the Titan Luca V. I also love the space saving design. It’s wonderful to see the way this has caught on. The footrollers are definitely nice. I really enjoyed the foot massage aspect of this chair. The Bluetooth speakers are great, and really enhance the experience of this chair. Titan has done well here. The 5 massage styles are very enjoyable, and an entirely reasonable number at this price level. Again, well done. I enjoyed the heating in the lumbar portion. This is a real massage-enhancer for sure. On the whole, this chair does well. It has a reasonable number of features, enough to justify it as a very good deal at this price level.

8) Cons:

There isn’t a whole lot to complain about where this chair is concerned. It does not have body scan technology, though this isn’t a strong argument against it, especially at this price level. It might be nice to have more than 3 levels of speed and 3 levels of intensity, but this is pretty reasonable all things considered. Overall, then, this chair does fairly well.

Conclusion: Taking Stock

Is the Titan Luca V right for you? Let’s evaluate. If you are looking for a very high-end chair with lots of features, this chair may not be optimal for you. It has a number of features, including some that are quite nice, but is not one of the more feature-heavy models. I’d recommend it unhesitatingly to anyone who is looking for a first-time chair, has the budget, and is looking for something nice. I’d also recommend it to someone who started with something basic and is looking to upgrade without breaking the bank. The Titan Luca V is definitely a very worthwhile chair, and you could do far worse. Give it a try for yourself, and see what you think.