Titan TI 7700 Massage Chair Review

Titan TI 7700 Massage Chair Review

Titan is a massage chair brand under Osaki that has the basic qualities of a massage chair that you desire. 

This massage chair is equipped with an S-track formation for its rollers and is easy to install.

It is the latest in the Titan massage chair brand and has been newly integrated with zero gravity technology. Its ability to massage the outer shoulders makes it quite unique.

Let’s take a look at the features.

Features and Programs


Zero Gravity

Titan TI 7700 has been integrated with zero-gravity technology. This means the chair is able to recline to a position that makes you feel weightless. 

This massage position relieves pressure from the spine and helps increase blood circulation in your body.

With increased blood circulation your body system can flush out toxins hence making you healthier, one of the reasons why people go for a massage. 

Titan TI 7700 has two levels of zero gravity effect, It varies between 100-158 degrees.

A zero- gravity position is the best position to enjoy a massage.


Lower Lumbar Heat

Titan TI 7700, provides heat at the lumbar region, the heating effect helps to loosen up the muscles during a massage.

This makes the muscles easier to penetrate by the rollers as they move back and forth.


Air Massage


Massage chairs often use air massage for areas where the rollers cannot get to. Air massage is a very effective way to squeeze, stretch and loosen up tight muscles.

Here are the places where Titan TI 7700 deployed its airbags.


Arm massage


There are 8 airbags deployed at the arms. The airbags inflate and deflate mimicking the use of hands to provide squeezing and stretching effect on the arms, upper arms and wrists.

The airbags can provide deep massage because of the pressure applied.

The stretching and squeezing effects relieve tension and muscle fatigue along the arms.

If you have muscular pains on your arms and hands, this may be the chair to buy.

After I had my babies, I usually feel pain on my arms which is a result of carrying babies on one part of my hand frequently, both to breastfeed and to comfort.

Using airbags to massage such areas helps to relieve it.


Calf and Foot Massage

There are 16 airbags deployed to the foot and calves in Titan TI 7700.

These airbags inflate and deflate to produce pressure which is used to massage the legs, the foot, and the calves. 

Standing on your feet all day can create a lot of stress especially if you have to do it for long periods of time.

The airbags are designed to hit the acupressure points along your foot and calf. 

Through its squeezing effect, your legs will be properly massaged, leaving you feeling quite relaxed.

Outer Shoulder Massage

The outer shoulders are not left out in this massage chair, Titan TI 7700 deployed airbags at the outer shoulders.

These airbags inflate and deflate to provide the squeezing and massaging effect that a live masseur will usually deploy. 

The shoulders carry a lot of the stress in our bodies, especially where you have to sit down for long periods of time like I do.

I love that the outer shoulders are massaged and stress and tension removed.

Remote Control

The remote control is a compact LCD screen remote, intuitive and less bulky. 

With your remote, you can control all the settings required to operate this massage chair.

The screen is easily viewable, likewise, the texts are also decipherable so you can get the best out of your massage chair.

Easy to Move


The Titan TI 7700 is equipped with wheels that are attached at the rear end of the chair, this makes it easy for you to move the massage chair once it is assembled. 

Most people who bought this chair agree that it is not difficult to assemble.

They do complain of the bulkiness, so you can understand why it is a good design to have wheels attached.

Massage Techniques and Styles

Auto Massage

The Titan TI 7700 has 5 preset massage techniques that it comes with. 

The preset programs are programmed to address different issues. 

They are Comfort,Relax,Stretch, Full air and Healthcare.

There are 5 ranges of settings that you can use to set your preset programs.

I love that you can customize the settings of the auto programs.

It gives the user flexibility which is a due requirement for any massage chair.

Manual Massage Style.

The manual massage styles deployed by Titan TI 7700 are Kneading, Kneading and Tapping, Tapping, Palm, Punching and Shiatsu massage.


This massage form uses pressure that is applied to both the superficial and deep tissues to loosen tight muscles.

 It breaks down and realigns collagen fibers in your muscles.


The tapping technique as deployed by Titan TI 7700 uses gentle pressure applied to delicate areas of the body to help release tension. 

It is usually for a short period of time.


This involves applying finger pressure which in this case is performed by the roller to help relieve tension and allow blood flow. 

The motion presses and slides on the muscle area to produce that effect.

Kneading and Tapping

This method combines both the tapping and the kneading technique to deliver an effective massage.

Punching Massage

This is Vietnamese style massage that uses punching and clapping that is focused on the high pressure or troubled spots to help relieve tension from the body.

All the massage styles can be accessed via remote control.


Massage Intensity and Speed


The airbag intensity can be adjusted as it suits you, the adjustment runs from 1 to 8 with 8 being the highest intensity level. 

The intensity of the airbags determines the pressure that is applied to the body as the massage is going on.

The pressure supplied by the airbags is what helps to effect deep tissue massage, stretching and squeezing.


Special Features


Hip and Seat Vibration

Titan TI 7700 has been equipped to give you one of the best hip massages that you can think of.

The hip area which includes the seat is equipped with airbags that inflate to produce pressure that is used in squeezing and stretching the muscles of the hips.

The seat is also equipped with a vibration plate that vibrates to help massage the thigs and give you a glute massage.

The heat at the lumbar region also contributes to making this chair unique. In fact, if you suffer from sciatica pains on the hip you may want to consider this chair.

The combination is quite unique and special that people who have used it are reportedly satisfied with the features.


Spot massage

Titan TI 7700 delivers spot massage, spot massage enables you to isolate a troubling area and concentrate the massage rollers to that point. 

You choose any of the preset programs or the manual massage points to use in dealing with that particular spot.

This is a feature that is quite unique.



Titan TI 7700 has the following specifications

Name Value
Model TI-7700
Dimensions Upright: L*W*H:47.3*28.8 *47.3(inches)Recline: L*W*H: 70.9*28.8*46.1(inches)
Massage tracking 21.65”
Angle of Laying 100-147 degrees
Angle of Footrest 0-147 degrees
Power consumption 150W
Voltage 110V
Timer 5-30mins
Net weight 181lbs


Warranty and Service


Titan TI 77000 offers you a 3-year solid warranty on faulty parts, structural defects or workmanship for the first 3 years of use at no cost to you.

The warranty will not cover willful damage or shipping costs, it will also not cover wear and tear due to usage including zipper malfunction.

Delivery options for Titan TI 7700 include:

Curbside delivery

Curbside delivery is free and you will have to assemble the chair yourself.

White glove delivery

This delivery option comes with assembling by the professionals. It has a cost attached though.

How to obtain a warranty

You would provide proof of purchase.

You should have a return authorization number that will enable you to ship the product to the service center.

You are also welcome to contact the customer service center at Osaki for further clarification.



  • Excellent hip massage system
  • 2 levels zero gravity
  • Full body air massage
  • Heat at the lumbar region
  • Multiple colors


  • Bulky in weight.
  • S-track roller formation.


Titan TI 7700 is a budget chair that offers you great value for money, it has 6 different manual massage styles that you can choose from, the user flexibility makes it easy for you to easily customize your massage experience.

The hip massage systems make it quite unique as it combines both airbags, vibration massage and heat therapy to deliver a very enjoyable massage.

If you are looking for a low budget chair that meets your needs, you may want to purchase this chair.

Price: 1899USD

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