Titan TP-Pro Alpine Review

Titan TP-Pro Alpine Review

The Titan Pro Alpine offers a very solid massage experience with a pleasing variety of options. If you are looking for a good mid- to upper-range chair, this could be a good option to consider.Is this chair right for you? Let’s take a look.With all of that said, let’s jump in and take a look at the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Zero Gravity. 

1.) Features And Programs

The features and programs of the Titan TP Pro Alpine include some notable high points—as it turns out, this chair has quite a bit to offer. Let’s look it over.

L-Track Massage System

Roller track systems are one of the most important aspects of massage chairs: after all, they are the means by which you receive a massage.There are two types of roller track systems: S-track systems, which start at the head and neck and curve all the way down the spine to the tailbone (coccyx), and L-track or SL-track systems, which are S-track systems that go farther, continuing down to the glutes and the tops of the hamstrings.The Titan Pro Alpine has the L-track, which gives that longer coverage. Now, to state the obvious, not everyone necessarily needs to have an L-track: for some, the S-track is sufficient, but there are unquestionably some benefits of the L-track.My own take: both systems can be very enjoyable, but there’s something to be said for the longer coverage of the L-track. I don’t need it every time or all the time, but sometimes the L-track is what it takes.

Computer Body Scan

This is one of the reasons you want a chair like the Titan Pro Alpine: the computer body scan allows for mapping of the curvature of your back with greater accuracy than chairs that don’t have this feature, meaning a more customized massage. This is a really, really terrific feature.

Zero Gravity

This chair is a Zero Gravity chair, and that means it has a special reclining position in which the chair leans back all the way to maximize the relaxation. The level of relaxation is something else: it is very, very relaxing, especially in the second position.This is a feature you will encounter in many massage chairs, though quite a few do not have it. Of course, the quality of the experience depends both on how well the chair goes back, and what it feels like when you’re lying in that position. The Titan Pro Alpine certainly offers a very relaxing experience here.

Easy-To-Use Remote

The remote for this chair has a lot of strong points, starting with the fact that it allows you to easily visualize whatever the chair is doing.Where I can sometimes run into problems with remotes for other chairs—not this chair—is pushing buttons and not being sure what they are supposed to do. It is my absolute biggest pet peeve with remotes.None of that is at all a problem here: this chair has a remote that allows you to visualize things in a very useful and helpful way.The remote also covers the things you’d want a remote to cover: massage type, intensity, speed, and location. You can even select the area for the airbag massage.You can also make use of the flip-down cover to access the manual functions of the chair. In the manual mode, you can choose between kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rolling, combination, and punching.

Auto Leg Scan

The auto leg scan for the calf and foot massager is a particularly exciting feature of this chair, because it allows you to have a foot massage at the actual length of your legs. If you’ve ever had a problem with this, worry no more, because here is the solution.Here’s how it works: at the start of your massage, the chair will extend the calf and foot massager to its full length and then retract it. Now, all you have to do is wait until it is at the desired length, and then firmly press down with your toes to stop the chair.That’s it: press down, and the chair will stop and then deliver a massage at the length that is right for you.The thing I absolutely love about this feature is that it allows for amazing customization. It doesn’t matter if you have short legs, long legs, or somewhere in the middle, this chair has you covered.

Arm And Hand Massage

Your arms and hands will benefit from massage, and here too the Titan Pro Alpine has you covered, with air bags that massage the forearms and hands.The arms and hands might seem counter-intuitive for massage—but then again, you might be surprised. If your job involves a lot of typing, you likely have some stress accumulated in your forearms and hands. If you work in manual labor of any kind, you probably need no convincing.The arm and hand massage is certainly a wonderful feature of this chair, one I keep finding myself coming back to.

3) Massage Intensity And Speed

The massage intensity for this chair is moderate: not gentle or relaxing, not vigorous or intense, but moderate. It’s a reasonably good middle-of-the-road massage, the kind I tend to want more days than not. The lack of adjustable intensity doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker unless you feel a strong need for that, but it is certainly something to be aware of.

Foot And Calf Massage

The legs and feet of this chair have a variety of air bags which work together to deliver a pretty solid foot and calf massage. This is the kind of thing you want to see with an L-track: a relaxing, enjoyable foot and calf massage to take off the pressure and tension at the end of a long day.I’ll tell you what I’m really a fan of, though: the spinning rollers on the bottom of the foot massager. Why? Because they provide a concentrated, pin-point kneading massage. If you’ve never experienced one of these, you don’t know what you’re missing. The rollers have this kneading action that is absolutely out of this world.The foot rollers are even spinning reflexology massagers. They are very, very enjoyable because they can get in deep. Your feet will thank you.

2) Massage Techniques And Styles

The manual massage mode for this chair includes kneading, tapping, shiatsu, rolling, combination, and punching. These are the modes I like to see in a massage chair: they’re what I expect in a good chair or even a great chair, as opposed to a merely decent chair. The Pro Alpine delivers them in a very enjoyable manner.

3) Massage Intensity And Speed

There are 5 levels of intensity in the air bags, running from mild to strong. I like having this amount of choice in airbag intensity: you’ll seldom find a chair that offers this many options.There are also 3 levels of intensity for the massage. This is something that you are likely to appreciate more over time: there are some days when all you want is a light rub, while other days you need something deeper. And then there are days when you’re stressed, in pain, and only the strongest massage will do.

4) Special Features

We covered most of the features in the Features section, but there are a few we’ll cover here: the presence of heating, the ability to enjoy a wonderful shoulder, lumber, and hip squeeze and twist, and finally white glove delivery service.

Heating Function On Back

Heat in a massage chair is very important: you want the right amount, and you want it to be delivered to the right areas. The Titan Pro Alpine delivers here, with two very warm heating pads in the back.What I’ve noticed is that there are some days when I don’t want heat in my back massage, and other days when I do. In general, I like heat in my massage unless it’s already very warm outside: it helps to encourage relaxation of the muscle fibers.

Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze & Twist

Have you ever enjoyed a good twist during a massage? It may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s one of the more enjoyable sensations out there.In the shoulder and lumbar regions of this chair, you have the option to enjoy exactly this sensation, because the airbags are programmed to inflate at independent times. The effect of this is a squeezing and twisting feeling which is quite delightful.In essence, the stretch goes deep, and that feeling travels through the shoulders, the lower back, the hips, and the thighs. Relaxing? You bet. Delightful? Oh, yes.

White Glove Delivery

If you get regular, curbside delivery, you’ll have to bring the chair inside yourself. If you get white glove delivery for an extra $250.00, they’ll bring it inside for you. I tend toward the position of favoring white glove delivery, but you may feel differently.

5) Specifications

Rated Voltage: 110-120V
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Main Body Dimension: 51”L x 29.5”W x 32”H
Armrest: 40”L x 17”W x 30”H
Gross Weight: 280 pounds
Auto Timer: 10-20 minutes

6) Warranty & Service

The warranty is a 3-year standard manufacturer’s warranty, or parts & labor warranty, with decreasing levels of benefits over the course of the three-year period. The warranty covers all parts, labor, and the framework of the chair.More specifically, during the first year, all parts, costs, and labor are covered for the first year, all at no cost. During the second year, parts costs are covered, but not labor. Finally, during the third year, structural framework is still covered, but not parts or labor. There are of course some important limitations. Shipping expenses, transportation damage, theft, abuse, neglect, and vandalism are not covered. Neither is normal wear and tear or damage from environmental conditions. Any malfunctions as a result of improper use, or any modifications of the original product, are not covered as well.

7) Pros:

This chair has a lot going for it. Let’s take stock and evaluate.First, this chair has an excellent L-track massage system. While I don’t need this on every chair I try, it is admittedly something that is very nice and a joy to experience. There’s something magical about a massage that doesn’t stop at your tailbone but keeps on going down your thighs.I also really like that this is a Zero Gravity chair. The Zero Gravity feature is very enjoyable in the chairs that have it. When the massage begins, you really do feel as though you are weightless, floating in space.The auto leg scan is another feature worth talking about. It is very easy to adjust to your preferred length.The foot and calf massage is really something else. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to experience, and you’d be surprised at the difference the experience makes. The pin-point kneading massage is one of my favorite features on this chair.The arm and hand massage, too, is very enjoyable, an unexpected joy. You’d be surprised (or perhaps you wouldn’t) how much stress we can accumulate in our hands and wrists, and the difference the arm and hand massage feature makes is well worth experiencing.The computer body scan is another high point of this chair. A custom massage experience is so much more wonderful for being custom, and thus fitted to your needs.The heating function is also very enjoyable and makes for a good, relaxing massage. I also really enjoyed the squeeze and twist function. The sensation of stretching is very enjoyable.

8) Cons:

There are very few things to find to complain about with this chair. It is that good.This chair isn’t 3D, which you may have reason to find a deal-breaker—or not. I find that while 3D is nice, it isn’t essential to have every time.This chair isn’t built with space-saving technology, but that’s a minor quibble. These things aside, it’s a great chair.

Conclusion: Taking Stock

Let’s conclude by taking stock as to whether this chair is right for you.If you’re dead-set on 3D or you need a chair that has the maximum amount of features, this chair is not likely to be your speed.On the other hand, if it’s either your first chair or you’re looking for one that’s about mid-range—not basic or economy, but mid-range, with an appreciable amount of features and great quality—the chances are good you’ll love this chair.