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Change Your Life with an Elite Massage Chair

Sit down in an Elite Massage Chair, and instantly realize the difference from other massage chairs. In 15 minutes you’ll be hooked, and you will want to use your chair every day. Our chairs deliver deeper massage, innovations not found in any other chairs, and are backed by a company deeply passionate about customer service.

Your back and shoulders will be pain free again. You’ll feel stress and anxiety melt away. You’ll sleep better than you have in years.

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Reduce Stress & Anxiety, and Rejuvenate Your Mind


At Elite, you’ll find massage chairs unlike ANY other chairs on the market today. Our latest exclusive innovation is called Braintronics®.

Braintronics is a proprietary brainwave frequency synchronization system that works seamlessly with our award-winning Casada line of massage chairs. Through isochronic tones and specialized audio inputs, Braintronics enables extremely deep relaxation, while you simultaneously experience rhythmically-aligned deep tissue massage.

You have to experience it to believe it! Gain new levels of meditative relaxation, and with regular use you’ll actually re-train your brain for improved mental and physical performance.

How Braintronics Works

Braintronics is activated with the chair’s remote control, and programs are streamed through headphones that plug into a hard drive integrated with the chair (special deals on premium headphones available with purchase of a massage chair). While music is not required for brainwave synchronization, the programs were engineered with relaxing nature sounds, spa-style music, and gentle voice-overs for elegant experiences and optimal relaxation.braintronics-3

The concept of brainwave synchronization is called entrainment, in which the brain’s electro-magnetic impulses align with rhythmic and/or sensory stimulation. The brain responds to wavelength stimulus with the so called “frequency following response,” in which the brain subconsciously aligns its own prevailing frequency to the frequency supplied by the outside source.

There are four brain wavelengths – Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta – each corresponding to a state of consciousness. The best known are Alpha waves, which emerge during conscious relaxation, or when you are deeply calm without sleeping, and Theta waves, which emerge during lighter sleep stages or meditation. These states of brainwave activity are deeply relaxed, and ideal for knowledge absorption and intensive learning.

The More You Use It, the Better It Gets

The prevailing theme across Braintronics™ programs is deep relaxation, promoting peace of mind, a sense of well-being, and ability to perform at optimal levels during times of stress or high performance.

Importantly, the more one listens to Braintronics programs, the greater the long-term benefits. Over time the brain’s synapses and nerve branches “learn” how to quickly align to these lower frequencies on demand. It is much like one who practices meditation can, over time, very quickly achieve a meditative state. Through repeat use of Braintronics users are able to better deal with stress, overcome anxiety, and improve physical and mental performance.

The Programs

Braintronics guides brainwaves to lower frequencies, typically in 20 minute sessions, during which fully body massage is administered in a synchronized pattern matching the frequency inputs. Programs is divided into three phases:

1. Relaxation Alpha frequency 7-10Hz
2. Treatment Theta frequency 3-7Hz
3. Awakening Beta frequency 4-30Hz


There are currently four Braintronics programs, each designed with a specific objective. This allows users to select one that meets their particular need at the time. Following are the available programs:


Relaxation Phase : De-Stress

The program starts with Alpha wavelength frequencies accompanied by soothing and rhythmic music to put you in a state of meditative calm. At approximately 2 minutes, a soothing voice guides you to deeper, conscious breathing to promote increasingly deep states of relaxation.

Treatment Phase : De-Stress

Theta wavelength frequencies are accompanied by interdimensional audio; rich, powerful sound sequences complement low frequencies to enable a deep, relaxed state of mind and the release of physical and mental tension from stress or anxiety.

Awakening Phase : De-Stress

Alpha wavelength frequencies are accompanied by audio stimuli to gracefully re-awaken the mind, followed by Beta wavelength frequencies to bring you back to full alertness and a new sense of calm and anxiety relief.

Improve Focus

Relaxation Phase : Improve Focus

The program starts with Alpha wavelength frequencies accompanied by rhythmic music, and gentle voice-over guides breathing exercises to prepare the mind for productivity entrainment.

Treatment Phase : Improve Focus

Theta wavelength frequencies are accompanied by sounds of nature such as cascading waves as well as musical tones, as subtle and rhythmic indicators of the brainwave frequencies for a deep state of relaxation, and treatment messaging for a more focused mind.

Awakening Phase : Improve Focus

Alpha wavelength frequencies are accompanied by audio stimuli and voice guidance for graceful emergence from the treatment phase, and Beta wavelength frequencies to full alertness.


Relaxation Phase : De-Compress

Alpha wavelength frequencies are accompanied by natural wave sounds and native-inspired flutes and Zen-inspired string tones. A gentle voice guides you in conscious breathing to clear the mind, lower your heart rate and promote positive thoughts – to release accumulated worries of the day.

Treatment Phase : De-Compress

Theta wavelength frequencies are accompanied by sounds of nature such as gentle wind and cascading waves, lightly leading the mind into a regenerative meditation. The treatment phase of the “Decompress” program is perhaps the most vivid example of brainwave entrainment.

Awakening Phase : De-Compress

Alpha wavelength frequencies, audio stimuli and voice guidance promote a relaxed, balanced state of calm designed to help you foster understanding and insights from the day and the release of negative energy. Beta wavelength frequencies end the Awakening phase to bring you to full alertness.

Muscle Therapy

Relaxation Phase : Muscle Therapy

Non-verbal program, Deep Muscle Therapy begins with Alpha wavelength frequencies accompanied by the sounds of the wind and rhythmic chimes, calling the mind the sounds of world-class health spas. Smooth, gentle melodies create the ideal conditions for muscle stiffness release and massage therapy.

Treatment Phase : Muscle Therapy

Signaled by descending tempo, the treatment phase initiates with Theta wavelength frequencies for holistic mind-body stimuli for a fully regenerative muscle treatment.

Awakening Phase : Muscle Therapy

Alpha wavelength frequencies and gentle audio stimuli promote a relaxed, balanced state of calmness for both mind and body. Beta wavelength frequencies end the Awakening phase to bring you to full alertness.


Relaxation Phase : Sleep

Non-verbal program begins with Alpha wavelength frequencies accompanied by the sounds of a gentle soothing rainfall gradually drifting you off to sleep.

Treatment Phase : Sleep

All massage functions stop as the program holds a long steady, deep, slow brainwave rhythm allowing you to maintain sleep.

Awakening Phase : Sleep

Brainwaves maintain the ultra slow rhythms as the massage chair slowly comes back to life signaling it’s time to go back to bed, or simply stay and continue to drift off into deep sleep.

Braintronics-enabled massage chairs include the Alphasonic and Betasonic.

More programs are being developed and will be available to customers with Braintronics-enabled massage chairs. We envision a robust suite of Braintronics programs for a variety of mental health issues, as well as targeted programs for sports performance.

We are also currently pursuing co-development of programs with major league sports teams.