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Elite Robopad Massage Chair
Item #: Robopad
Retail: $5,499.00
Price: $3,999.00
Availability: Back Ordered- Call For Availability
Elite Massage Chairs Item #: Robopad -

Serious Massage Chair Engineering22-valve dual independent compressors with 69 airbags driving industry-best Acupressure system.Designed specifically for the US consumer who wants the most therapeutic massage chair, and life-like feel from unique “grasping” hands.The longest lasting (10-year MTF rating), highest quality massage chair motors engineered specifically for strength & longevity.Double-reinforced gear components to Elite USA standards. Some say over-engineered, we say “yes it is.”...

Elite Alphasonic Massage Chair
Item #: Alphasonic
Retail: $4,599.00
Price: $3,499.00
Availability: In Stock - Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Elite Massage Chairs Item #: Alphasonic -

The Alphasonic Massage ChairA truly holistic experience: Strong therapeutic massage and integrated Braintronics®. The Alphasonic is taking the whole industry into the future. Loaded with state-of-the-art features including L-track for maximum massage reach, Zero-G, adjustable shoulders, amazing Acupressure, and revolutionary Braintronics® technology. The benefits are transformative – from stress and anxiety relief, to improved mental concentration. The Alphasonic improves both your physical...