Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair


Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

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Soothe your mind, soul, and WholeBody!

Sit in style and elegance while you experience soothing comfort like a warm oil massage, using 3D orbital massage technology that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and restored from head-to-toe. The Human Touch® WholeBody® 7.1 also features patented warm air technology to provide additional relief of muscle tension, and BodyMap PRO® so you can pinpoint where you want to feel better

SWIVEL! It will change your view on relaxation.

Soothe your mind, soul, and WholeBody! Let every muscle in your back, neck, and shoulders surrender into relaxation with an unparalleled massage solution of the patent-pending FlexGlide®.

  • 5 auto-programmed massage techniques
  • 3D FlexGlide patent pending orbital massage technology
  • Patented warm air technology flows continually targeting the lumbar area
  • Base swivels 55 degrees
  • Comfort pillow provides extended neck and shoulder support
  • Retractable ottoman with foot-and-calf massager featuring proprietary Figure Eight® Technology
  • Customized massage with BodyMap PRO® Control




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3-Year Limited

  • In-Home Service – 1 year
  • Parts – 2 years
  • Structural – 3 years




5 reviews for Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jerry J.

    Has the new 3D orbital massage technology (only 2 of their chairs have this), warm air on the lower back, leg massager and power recline and foot rest/foot massager. Does a great job on the back – use it almost every day. You can watch TV in this thing and fall asleep. Fairly compact too.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    John C.

    Love this thing. It really feels like a masseuse is giving you the $100 treatment. There is a learning curve, but afterwards it is amazing. The pre-programmed 3D routines are to die for. Trust me, this is so far from the old “Magic Fingers” type of vibrating massage it can’t be compared. It can do way more than I thought possible. If you work for a living, you need one. If you have a chronic sore back, you need one. It is probably best suited for people 6′ 1″ and shorter (I’m that height and I think it’s close to the max). A word to the wise…don’t over do it the first day. I spent a couple of hours trying all of the different functions the day I got it and was pretty sore the next day. After a few days your body gets used to it and then it is amazing.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathy P.

    The Whole Body 7.1 massage chair was impressive to the eye as soon as I saw it. It was very nice to have the calf massage attached to the chair, and still looked very nice with the attachment. It would go nice in any room of the house and not look out of place as a massage chair. The remote was very easy to use and know what part of the body to choose because you could just click on that area on the remote. The calf and shoulder massage features were my favorites. I sit at a desk all day answering phones and the shoulder massage would be nice to come home to. Overall, the chair was very relaxing and calming. It wasn’t too jerky like the ones I use at the nail salons. The only down side was that I am only 5 feet tall and I had to move around in the chair a little to make sure I was getting to use the various functions of the chair.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tod K.

    My 3rd massage chair and the best one so far! Criteria for my wife was that it not look too much like a massage chair. So no airbags or arm massage but I can live with that. This is the first chair we’ve owned that will actually massage the neck and I really like the heat function!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Diane K.

    This chair is a bit smaller than my old one (15 years old) but gives a very good massage. I like the way they redesigned the leg/foot massager, so it won’t break the way my old one did, but it seems a little loose on my calves. The massage is very good except sometimes it finds areas on my ribs which hurt, it could be because my hips have a rotation so maybe things don’t line up properly with the chair. All in all it is very nice and I can fall asleep using this chair.

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