Titan Pro Ace II Massage Chair Review

Titan Pro Ace II is a next-generation massage chair that has some unique features that differentiate it from other massage chairs in the market.

Titan Pro Ace II has a 3 step Zero-gravity massage effect which enhances the massage experience and gives you a top-notch massage quality that you are less likely to get in other massage chairs. 

It is well designed with a sleek exterior and a comfy leather covering.

Let’s take a look at the features that make this massage chair different.

Features and Programs

L-Track Formation

The track formation in a massage is what carries the rollers to the different parts of the body where the rollers can massage the body. 

Without the tracks, the rollers will be stationary. 

Titan Pro Ace II is equipped with an L-track formation that runs from the neck all the way down to the Glutes, this enables the massage chair to perform Glute massage.

If you are someone who works hard all day, you will want to come back to a massage that not only deals with your back region but extends to under your hamstrings.

This is what the L-track formation on this chair enables the rollers to do. 

L-track formation covers 50% more surface area than an S-track would. An S-track formation will usually stop at the waist region neglecting the whole hamstrings.

3D Massage Rollers

The rollers in a massage chair are what acts as the thumbs which a massage chair uses to effect massage. 

The Titan Pro Ace II has a 3-dimensional roller for massaging the body. 

This means the rollers can move forward, backward and still protrude outwards. 

It is the protrusion that gives the massage chair the 3rd dimension. 

You can adjust the intensity of the rollers to protrude further to deal with tight spots. 

Some massage chairs will only offer 2D massage rollers in other to manage cost, but 2D massage chairs do not offer deep tissue massage, a needed feature for someone who suffers from deep muscular pains or needs a vigorous massage.

We will talk about the intensity in the latter part of this post.

Full body Air massage

Air massage is used to effect massage in areas that the rollers cannot reach to.

The rollers can run from the neck to the glutes, it cannot reach the upper thigh, hands, knees, and arms, this is where the airbags are deployed to take over.

Titan Pro Ace II is equipped with 12 air-bags which are stationed at arms, shoulders, calves, and feet. 

The airbags are few in number but they are specifically designed to be effective. 

They inflate and deflate to produce pressure which then presses on the body areas where they are in contact so as to effect massage.

Because the airbags are few in number, it is energy efficient and reduces wear and tear on the massage chair.

Body Scan Technology

Titan Pro Ace comes with a body scan technology that scans your whole body to adjust the massage chair to your unique body contour. 

The body scan feature takes the information it got during the scan and then feeds it to the massage chair which then adjusts the shoulder width and the roller length to suit your body contour. 

The Rollers are placed on acupressure points along the back to ensure that the massage is effective. 

Without a Body scan technology, the Titan Pro Ace II will not be able to customize the massage to suit your body type.

Space Saving Technology

If you worry about this massage chair occupying undue space in your home, not to worry, the Titan Pro Ace II  is equipped with space-saving technology that enables it to use only 6’’ of space from the wall when reclining. 

The chair slides forward and adjusts on recline thereby ensuring that you have limited space consumption.

Auto-extend Footrest

The footrest in Titan Pro Ace IIi can extend up to 7’’ when in use, the extension helps to accommodate people with extra-long legs. 

Once you sit in the chair, just press on it and it adjusts until your leg length is accommodated. The auto-extend function makes it easy to use because you do not have to bunch up your feet if you are really tall.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you desire to listen to music selections, Titan Pro Ace has inbuilt high-quality Bluetooth speakers. 

You can connect your favorite music selections while having a massage. Music has a therapeutic effect, no wonder it is a part of massage parlor set up.

Foot Rollers

The foot rollers in the Titan Pro Ace II are designed to spin in different directions to provide a kneading effect that massages the acupressure points underneath the feet. 

Our feet take on a lot of pressure due to walking around, a good foot massage at the end of the day relieves you of stress and tension. 

The feet airbags also help to ensure an effective massage as they hold the feet in place and press it downwards to force it to be in contact with the rollers.

Massage Techniques and Styles

There are 3 styles of massage that you will find in the Titan Pro Ace II line up, they are

Auto Massage Function

The auto-massage functions are 6 in number, they provide different relief massage functions to meet different needs.

Good Morning

Combines with all kinds of tapping techniques to deal with the back, arms, and legs in other to wake up your body.


Engages the body in relief mode through slow kneading motions.


Uses gentle tapping motions which helps you to relax and lulls you to sleep.


This mode switches from Shiatsu to the main massage program.


Standard course for thorough stretch and relaxation based on certain positions.


Engages the body in a full stretch program.

Manual Massage Functions

Titan Pro Ace II also has manual massage functions that you can set to use at your comfort.

The manual massage styles include Tapping, Tapping and Kneading, Shiatsu and Kneading.

Spot/ Zonal massage

The manual massage types can be adjusted to focus on a particular spot, for example, if you have a tight muscle or pain under your left shoulder blade, you can focus the massage rollers on that spot to get relief.

If you do not want a spot massage, you can also do a zonal massage. 

The rollers are concentrated on particular zones of your body. 

The zones that can be worked in include: Full body, Upper body, Upper back, Lower back, Back.

Massage Intensity and Speed

When choosing a massage chair to buy, one of the key issues you should consider is user flexibility. 

This is the ability of the massage chair to allow you to customize the massage chair functions to suit what you want. 

Titan Pro Ace has superb user flexibility, the massage roller speed and airbag intensity can be adjusted.

Airbag Intensity: This determines the pressure at which the airbags are operated.  You have the opportunity to increase the intensity if you want to have a harder massage.

The airbags can also be independently operated. Areas where you operate the intensity of the airbags independently, include Upper body, Lower body, Shoulders, Hands, Leg, and Foot.

Roller Speed: The speed of the Rollers determines how fast the rollers will work on your back as they journey to and fro. 

The Roller speed can be adjusted from Low to high, it has 3 levels of speed adjustment.

Roller Width: The roller width is the distance between the massage balls, this width can also be adjusted to suit your preference. 

The width impacts the area covered laterally as it moves across your back region.

Special Features

3 Step Zero-gravity

Most massage chairs in the market have either one level of zero- gravity or two levels of zero-gravity.

Titan Pro Ace took this Technology inspired by NASA to a topnotch level by increasing its zero-gravity function to 3.

Yes, you heard me right 3 levels of zero gravity effect!!!

In this position, you are sure that your spine will be thoroughly decompressed, releasing stress, increasing blood circulation and allowing the elimination of waste from the muscle tissues. 

Zero-gravity makes you feel weightless so you get to relax and enjoy your massage without issues.

Less Number of Airbags

Another cool feature of this massage chair that makes it special is the lower number of airbags there are only 12 in number. 

This means low power consumption, your chair will also last longer, because the wear and tear that the air pump valves initiates with its activities are minimized.

Calf and Lumbar Heat

No matter how luxurious a massage chair may be, they often scrimp on providing heating for both calf and lumbar region. 

Titan Pro Ace did not scrimp on that feature, they provided heating for your Lumbar and Calves. 

The heat therapy apart from being therapeutic loosens muscular tissues and allows for a more effective massage.

When the muscles are loose, the rollers can penetrate more as the move.

Multi-language Support Remote

The remote control which Titan pro ace has is quite intuitive, easy to use and has Multilanguage support. 

The languages on offer include English, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese and Korean.

The display screen on the Remote shows you what functions you are using. 

The remote control has a side pocket where you get to store it after use.

Elbow and Neck Cushions

The Titan Pro Ace II has Elbow and Neck cushions which makes your massage more comfortable. 

The neck is held in place and does not slip out during the massage.

Titan Pro Ace II resets itself when the massage is over, the massage timing for each program is 15 mins.


Model YH-9210F
Power UsagePower: 150W, Frequency: 60Hz Voltage: 120V.
Recommended height and weightWeight: 260lbs
Dimensions(inches)Upright: L*H*W=64.5*48*32Recline: L*H*W=75*45.5*32
MaterialSynthetic leather
Auto timer15 mins.

Warranty and Service

Titan Pro Ace II offers you a 3-year solid warranty on faulty parts, structural defects or workmanship for the first 3 years of use at no cost to you.

The warranty will not cover willful damage or shipping costs, it will also not cover wear and tear due to usage including zipper malfunction.

 Delivery options for Titan Pro Ace II include

Curbside delivery

Curbside delivery is free and you will have to assemble the chair yourself.

White glove delivery

This delivery option comes with assembling by the professionals. It has a cost attached though.

How to obtain a warranty

You would provide proof of purchase.

You should have a return authorization number that will enable you to ship the product to the service center.

You are also welcome to contact the customer service center at Osaki for further clarification.


  • 3 step Zero-gravity effect
  • Heat at the Lumbar and Calves
  • Great User flexibility
  • Intuitive and multilingual Remote
  • Glute massage


  • A limited number of auto functions.


Titan Pro Ace II has functionalities and user flexibility that is quite superb, with 3D massage features it offers massage qualities that beats a lot of the massage chairs in the same grade. The 3-step zero-gravity effect puts it in a class of its own, two-step zero gravity is great but a 3 step is much more effective. 

If you are looking for a massage chair that helps you to relax and release tension at the end of a hard day, this is your chair.

Price: 4,999 USD

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