Titan Pro Jupiter XL Massage Chair Review

Titan Pro Jupiter XL Overall Assesment

Perhaps you are a bit on the tall side and you have searched for the appropriate massage chair and have come up with none that suits your height and weight.

The chair you should be looking to is the Titan TP Jupiter XL, a chair specifically designed for tall people with heights of up to 6’6’’. This chair is the bespoke flagship chair for the Titan brand.

Titan which recently merged with Osaki is a company that manufactures its massage chairs with superior technology that delivers on its promises. In this review, I will share with you what makes this chair unique and different from other massage chairs in the market.

Features And Programs

Titan TP Jupiter XL has an array of features that makes it a unique brand. Those features include

3D-L Tracks

Titan TP Jupiter XL features a 3D L-track technology on which its rollers run on. The three-dimensional rollers move forward and backward along your back, it can also extend outwards to deliver pinpoint massage.

Because the track on which it runs on is L shaped, the rollers can massage from your shoulders down to your hamstrings- that is under the buttocks. The 3D rollers provide deep tissue massage for intramuscular pains that will not be treated by a simple air massage.

The roller length is about 53’’ long.

Extra Length

The uniqueness of this chair is based on the fact that it accommodates very tall persons of up to 6’6’’ the seat base has an extra 2’’ added to it.

Even though it is for tall persons, people within a height range of 4’10’’ can also use it with some adjustments.

Body Scan Technology

Titan TP Jupiter XL is equipped with a 3D body scan technology, this helps to scan the body contour and map the acupressure points of the body in a way that will help it deliver an effective massage.

The body scan is an advanced technology used to identify the places where there are pressure points so as to deliver customized massage therapy.

Zero Gravity Effect

Zero gravity is the best position to get an effective massage, as the body is suspended at an incline that relieves pressure from the spine and promotes blood circulation.

With the body in zero gravity position, the lymph nodes are flushed during massage hence promoting the elimination of toxins from the body.

Titan TP Jupiter XL offers two levels of zero-gravity position.

Space-Saving Technology

One of the issues some massage chairs have is the space it takes up when in full recline. Because most people prefer their massage chairs in the living room when a chair has a longer recline length it takes up much space.

Titan TP Jupiter XL comes with a space-saving technology that causes it to slide forward when reclining. This enables it to take only a space of about 3.5’’ backward.

Dual-Action Foot Massage

Most massage chairs usually use only airbag massage at the feet, but not Titan TP Jupiter XL, It employs a dual-action massage of both a scrapping roller underneath the foot and an equal pressure airbag massage.

These combined actions will help to relive tired feet. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, this may be the chair to buy.

Inbuilt Bluetooth Speakers

With the speakers, you can connect to your phone and listen to your favorite selections while taking a massage.

You can even answer calls without picking up your phone. The speakers are designed to face your ears for maximum comfort.

Heat Therapy

Titan TP Jupiter XL deploys heat therapy at the lumbar region, the seat, and the calves. The heat therapy helps to loosen up tense muscles and provide that warm fuzzy feeling that helps you to relax while taking a massage.

This is a notable feature as not all massage chairs will deploy heat therapy at those places at the same time.

Remote Control

The Remote control is quite user-friendly, it is an LCD remote that is attached to the chair. It has a side pocket where you can slide it in while on recline.

It is easily decipherable and enables you to control your massage requirements.

Unique Hip And Head Air Massage

If there is one thing I love about this product, it’s the squeeze that you get from both the head and hip massage.

I love to have a head massage because of the strains I have on my head area due to sitting up for so long.

The designers of Titan TP Jupiter XL were thoughtful to add that part of the body for a thorough massage.

The Hip air massage helps to squeeze the hips and provide a slight twist which helps to relieve tensed muscles and remove sciatic pain.

Titan TP Jupiter XL uses about 44 airbags which are strategically positioned at the Head, Arm, Calf, Foot, Hip and Thigh, Upper Arm and Shoulder.

One happy user was particular about the grab that the chair had on the shoulder blades. With that accurate grab, your shoulder blades will feel the impact of the massage thoroughly.

Auto Programs

Titan TP Jupiter XL has a variety of about 10 programs to select from. The auto programs are designed to give you different effects while undergoing massage.

The auto programs include Sleeping- A gentle massage effect that helps to lull you to sleep, Vitality Mode, Relax, Combination, Stretch, Power, Muscle relief, Pain relief, Waist focus, and Circulation.
Each auto function is designed to give you a particular effect.

Massage Techniques.

There are about 5 professional techniques employed by Titan TP Jupiter XL. They include

  • 3D: This is termed 3-dimensional massage therapy. Here the rollers move forward, backward and also protrude to give you a thorough massage.
  • Kneading: The kneading function uses the rollers to press tightly on the skin while moving up and down this helps relieve stiff muscles.
  • Clapping: The clapping technique is also deployed to help loosen up stiff muscles.
  • Tapping: The Tapping technique easily loosens up knots on the back.
  • Shiatsu massage is also deployed for that gentle massage effect if you do not desire deep massage.

You can choose any of these settings through your remote. 

Massage Intensity And Speed

Titan TP Jupiter XL provides different 5 levels of air intensity which you can choose from, you can adjust the roller width in 3 different ways from narrow to medium to wide. You can also set the Massage speed to 5 different speed levels. The highest level is 8. 

Special Features

If you have seen a lot of Titan massage chairs before, you may wonder what is so special about the Titan TP-Jupiter XL. Let me unwrap the unique features.

Adjustable Ottoman

The Titan TP Jupiter XL has an adjustable ottoman that extends to adjust to your leg length. The adjustment is extra-long and can give you legroom of about 12.5 inches. This extra-long Ottoman is what makes it easy for people between the heights of 5’ to 6’6’’ to comfortably use this chair. This is something that is quite difficult to find in other chairs.

Head And Outer Shoulder Massage

Titan TP Jupiter XL deploys intensive pressured airbags to massage both your head and outer shoulder.
The air compression feature of this brand is quite comprehensive. Most chairs you find will usually start massage therapy from the shoulders but not this chair. It is a special feature that is unique to this chair.

3 Sources Of Heat

In most massage chairs, heat is usually deployed at just the lumbar region or at most at the feet and the lumbar.

But Titan TP Jupiter XL decided to pack a double punch by delivering heat at the lumbar, seat, and calves.

This makes it a bit more special because the areas where you are likely to feel muscular pain is usually your back, your hamstrings, and your feet. This is the place where it uses heat to help loosen up tight muscles and relieve tension.

Combination Of 3D Rollers And L-Track Extension

For most massage chairs it is rare that you get this combo.
Most times when you get an L track you will not get 3D rollers but in this massage chair, you get the best of both worlds.

This means you have the double advantage of having rollers that reach up to your hamstrings.
Combine this with the heat supplied to your seat and you can be sure that you are having a great massage.

People who bought this chair were exceptionally happy with this combination as it helps to solve a lot of issues that other massage chair types could not address.

The Titan TP Jupiter XL gives you the best value for your money when you consider the clear advantages it has over other products of its type.

Full Body Massage

In Titan TP Jupiter XL you get the full body massage without leaving out any part of the body. The massage starts from the head down to your hamstrings and then down to your feet. Every part of your body has a touching point with the chair even your arms are not left out. This makes the experience quite out of this world.

Because you also have two levels of zero gravity, you can tilt your chair to give you the best service ever.

Titan TP Jupiter XL Specifications

Titan TP Jupiter XL has the following specifications

Dimensions(inches)Upright: L*W*H{44*28*42}
Power UsageVoltage:110-120V, Frequency:50/60H
Shipping weight350lbs
Recommended Height and Weight270lbs, 4’10’’-6’6’’
MaterialSynthetic leather

Warranty And Service

Titan TP Jupiter XL is covered by a solid 3 years warranty for both parts and labor.

The warranty covers any damage that occurs due to faulty manufacturing, or non-functional parts.
While they provide an extensive warranty, there are certain aspects that the warranty does not cover, they include damage done through faulty assembling, willful damage, and also lack of care on the part of the owner.

Titan usually provides different service types as practiced by their vendors, there are two types of delivery services offered

Curbside delivery: You order the product and it is delivered by the curbside, you are to take in the chair and assemble it yourself.

White glove delivery: You order the product and pay for the assembling service, the product is assembled for you in your home.

Titan has excellent customer services and is always available to answer any questions you may have both before purchase and after purchase.

Titan TP Jupiter XL Pros & Cons


  • Extensive accommodation of heights for people from 4’10’’ to 6’6’’.
  • Extra length Ottoman and extra size seat allowance.
  • Combinations of both 3D rollers and L-track extension, both add more power to the massage experience.
  • Variety of Auto programs with a different focus.
  • 3 source heat for Lumbar, Seat, and Calves
  • Great value for money.
  • User flexibility with independent control of functions.


  • The top shoulder near the neck is not addressed, missing out such point is a major con.
  • People complain of a buzzing sound like an electric razor.
  • Air intensity is maximum at 8, some people will prefer it to have gotten to 10.
  • The remote keys are not backlit.


Titan TP Jupiter XL is well engineered and designed for people who are quite tall and have problems fitting into smaller chair frames.

The thoughtfulness that accompanied this chair made it a chair that should be way above its price point.

At a price of 3995 USD, it is a good value for money and will definitely be worth the investment.

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