Current State Of The Massage Chair Market – May

Current State Of The Massage Chair Market – May


The state of the massage chair industry has been changing fast.

There’s been a couple of events in the last 2 months that have made now a GREAT time to buy (and get a deal) on massage chairs.

Not sure how long these conditions will last, but I’ll go over the events that created this perfect storm.

Inventory shortage started a price increase.  The war in Ukraine rocked those plans.

2020-2021 was a BIG year in massage chair sales due to lockdowns. 

2022 started off as a big year and we would see increased demand vs. 2021.

Early in 2022 we were seeing signs of rising prices do to increase material/logistics costs as well as low inventory.

Multiple companies were out of stock for 50%+ of their chairs.

We saw price increases on most chairs in the 5% to 20% range.

Suppliers had warned of delays and more price increases coming the second half of 2022.

The War in Ukraine crushed demand

About a week after the war in Ukraine started, we saw DRASTIC drop-offs in chair sales. 

Companies were reporting 20% to 70% drop in sales.

This threw a HUGE wrench in the industry. 

Companies that were rushing shipments to meet demand now 50%+ more inventory than they expected.

With large shipments arriving the next 1-2 months, these companies are LOW in inventory space and their cash flow took a hit.

This month, we are seeing companies slash prices on select models and be very aggressive with their promotional campaigns.

All of this leads to a great opportunity for you to get a great deal on a chair over the next 30-60 days.

I’m not sure how long these conditions will las.

It’s uncertain how long the war in Ukraine will drag out.

We’ve seen demand pick back up to pre-war levels over the past 10 days.

My best guess is there will be some great deals through the end of Q2 as companies reduce the amount of inventory on hand.

So if you’re in the market now, you’re lucky and going to get some incredible opportunities.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. 

You can see some of the current deals by clicking on the link below:

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