Kyota Massage Chairs

      Experience innovation and relaxation with premium Kyota Massage Chairs. View our collection of high quality Kyota massage chairs. See how kyota massage chairs offer comfort and precision add to an overall sense of relaxation and serenity.

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      Kyota M868

      Not many chairs can relieve tension with spinal decompression....This is the dream chair for someone with tight muscles or back pain.

      Kyota Kansha M878

      Imagine coming home with muscle pain after a long stressful day. Your entire body hurts and you just need a break. So you jump in your chair and hit the zero gravity button and automatic program. Within 20 minutes you hit maximum relaxation

      Kyota Kaizen M680

      Discover spa like relation with the Kyota Kaizen M680

      Kyota Genki M380

      The M380 is the perfect L track massage chair if a calf massage program is important for you. The trademark Complete calfkneading + Oscillation is one of the best on the market. The Genki provides a smooth massage that is lighter in intensity compared to most chairs. It makes it easy to sit in your massage chair regularly and have a relaxing massage.

      Get Your Kyota Massage Chair!

      Massage chairs are known to have are a great way to improve stress, tense muscles, and anxiety. From improved blood flow to improving lower back pain, a massage chair can help.

      Massage chairs also can help improve sleep quality and can help balance out your hormones as well.