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      Luxury Massage Chairs

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      Why Osaki Massage Chairs

      Osaki Massage chairs continue to push innovation. So many luxury features like two step space saving technology, AI computer body scan, customized foot massage, and advanced heating therapy are available on Osaki models. Some advanced features include:

      Intelligent Voice Control And AI Technology

      Premium Osaki massage Chairs have an AI driven computerized body scan that helps tailor the massage movement and full body compression massage to your specific body type. Sit in zero gravity position and relax as the pain sensor detects sore muscles and customizes pressure an intensity.

      High End Materials

      Crafted with care in premium materials, each Osaki massage chair reflects years of research into therapeutic bodywork. The goal is to mimic the techniques used by massage professionals to melt away muscle tension and improve circulation.

      Powerful Health Benefits

      Each Osaki massage chair with the combination of manual and auto programs can help you with:

      • Releasing tight, achy muscles in the back and neck
      • Increasing flexibility and range of motion
      • Reducing arthritis pain and stiffness
      • Lessening symptoms of fibromyalgia and sciatica
      • Lowering stress levels and easing anxiety
      • Promoting deeper, more restful sleep


      Bring the therapeutic benefits of massage into your own home with Osaki massage chairs