How We Review Massage Chairs

Here at, we review massage chairs regularly and understand the responsibility it implies.

A deep tissue massage chair is a major purchase. Having a great massage experience is what will make you feel like you got great value out of your investment.

This is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards when making recommendations and doing reviews. We thought you would be interested to learn how we select the products you find in our review roundups.

How We Review Massage Chairs and Make Recommendations

Here is everything we look for and do when we do feature recommendations of massage chairs. We go through a 3 part process before we create a list recommending massage chairs.

This includes an expert review, feedback from our customers, and analyzing return rates. This helps us make great recommendations and we know the massage chair offers what it says it offers:).

Have One Of Our Trusted Experts Review Each Massage Chair

We have someone on our team or a trusted expert review each massage chair. Our experts are familiar with traditional massage chair functionality and techniques. They also regularly get a professional massage so they can compare massages to using a massage chair daily.

These reviews grade key functions on a 10 point scale.

  • Massage Intensity

  • Lower Back Massage

  • Upper Back/Shoulder massage

  • Stretch Function

  • Foot and Calf Massage

  • Auto-scan feature

These features make up the "core" of each massage chair review. Then we move on to items that will help the chair be the right fit:

We Bring Pricing into the equation for best Value massage chair

Some people are looking for the top of the line massage chair and some are looking for the best budget massage chair. We take this into account and find the best quality massage chair for the price. We use the "core" review items from above. We then look at what advanced features a chair has as well as see how someone is going to use a massage chair.

This helps us develop a price to value for a massage chair's features.

Know Your Body Type Helps Select the Right Massage Chair

We understand that finding a great massage chair is about personal preferences. We all want massage therapy for different reasons. This is where we get specific in our recommendations.

So don't be alarmed if we asked more detailed questions to make sure the massage techniques are the right fit. Many massage chairs are designed for the average user in mind (5'5" to 6'1" and 130 to 230 LB). But there are a growing number of massage chairs for petite and big and tall users as well.

Only Publish "Top Guides" on Chairs After 6 Months Of Internal Customer Data

We have a number of articles on our site such as your Top 7 Osaki Massage chairs on the Market and Top 5 Japanese Massage chairs.

It would be easy to cherry-pick new massage chairs and constantly sell the newest massage chairs. After 27 years in the business, we've learned that is a fast way to erode trust. Truth is most massage chairs aren't as good as manufactures make them out to be.

That’s why we rely on “the wisdom of the people” to make our minds about a particular chairs quality. We ask our customers how they feel about their purchases and whether it's the right fit. We carefully analyze return rates to see if customers are loving their massage chair.

Once our reviewers and our customers agree, a chair can go on the "Top guides" list.

Things we Don't Do With Reviews

We Don't Accept Money For Creating Positive Reviews

Some brands offer to pay money to be featured higher on our pages but we always refuse these offers. We feel it’s our editorial responsibility to feature the best massage chairs on the market.

Carry All Massage Chair Brands

Some massage chair brands we don't carry because they had poor customer reviews or our customers had bad interactions with their service/warranty department. We delete our reviews at this time due to the fact we don't want to be associated with the brand.

Our Overall Goal With Reviews And Guides

More and more traditional massage chairs are sold online - Our hope is to make the process as painless as possible.

Our goal is to help you select the best zero gravity massage chair for your purpose. We do this by providing real information from our customers and experts who use a full body massage chair regularly.

We hope you find the best massage chair for you needs.

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