5 Best massage chairs under $3000

5 Best massage chairs under $3000

5 Best massage chairs under $3000

Nothing beats a great massage after coming home from a stressful day. Getting a deep tissue massage helps relax your mind and body. Who doesn't need more massage therapy in their life, right?

And thankfully in today's market, you can get a great massage chair without breaking the bank. There are a number of great full body massage chairs under $3000.

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We've picked our 5 favorites for you. But before we go over those, let's talk a bit about what you should expect with a full body massage chair.

What is a full body massage chair?

When you are looking for massage chairs under $3000, you will notice they still are backed with a ton of features. While they won't have all the bells and whistles of more expensive massage chairs, they still will have all the core functions that will soothe your body. They will also still be full body massage chairs.

A full body massage chair means just that - a massage chair that will cover everything from your feet until your neck. Most chairs have an air massage system, dual foot rollers, and a zero gravity recline (great for relaxing!).

Features To Consider For Your Massage Chair

There's really a massage chair out there for everybody. The key is finding out what's important to you. While we won't see the most advanced massage techniques in these chairs compared to what you would with a luxury chair, you're still going to get a ton of massage techniques for the price point.

Here are a couple of staples to think about with your next massage chair:

Compression massage: These are the new generation airbags that make massage chairs feel more like getting an in person massage. New airbags make the massage seem more lifelike.

Ability to Adjust Massage Therapy Intensity: The #1 reason anyone returns a chair is because it is too rough or not a firm enough massage. Newer chairs can be customized to fit the needs of multiple people.

Calf and Foot massage: Chairs have differing massage rollers to give a variety of massage techniques to your foot and calfs. Common settings are reflexology and acupuncture.

Heat therapy: Most chairs in this range will just have lumbar heat therapy. Important note: We test chairs that say they have heat therapy or advanced features, but usually they fall short during the sitting test of the best massage chairs under $3,000.

Top Full Body Air Massage Chairs Under $3000

Below are the top 5 best massage chairs under $3000, with 2 honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

Two Osaki chairs were listed as honorable mentions. They were not included in the best massage chairs under $3000 because they are too new to the market and do not have enough reviews at the time of publishing.

The Osaki Belmont

As well as the Osaki OS Vista.










 Both of these chairs have the massage techniques to compete in the few. The Vista's massage rollers and body scan have earned raved initial reviews.

The Belmont's precise reclining adjustment and full body air massage have been stand out features. We will be updating our best massage chairs under $3000 article after we get more customer feedback on these two chairs.

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Alright, lets get into the top 5!


Ador Allure 3D Massage Chair

The Ador Allure 3D zero gravity massage chair sneaks in a full body air massage chair under $3,000 when it is on sale. It has a ton of advanced features typically found in other chairs that are in the $4,000-$6,000 price range.

It is one of the few chairs under $3,000 that have the computer body scan technology and heat therapy. It also comes with built in speakers, an intelligent SL track design. Customers rave about the therapeutic massage and the body air massage system. The Allure has 21 massage programs, many of them advanced massage techniques.

It also gets high marks for it's 21 massage programs and specially designed massage rollers.

Osaki OS Pro Alpina


The OS Pro Alpina Massage Chair is a bell-weather for best massage chairs under $3,000. This is due to it's dependability and creating an exceptional massage experience. This medium intensity massage chair is a best value at $2,499. With 12 massage programs, this has been a long term hit for Osaki.

Customers rave about the ache sensor and variety of advanced massage techniques - Everything from older vitality massage to spleen digest. The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina combines both S-Track and L-Track technologies for an incredibly consistent massage. This helps make sure everything from your head to your glutes are massaged.

Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair

Another Osaki staple makes the list with the Osaki OS 4000T Massage Chair. The 4000T has reinvented air compression massage with this next generation air massage system. With 38 airbags, the chair is packed with features for $2,499. It's one of the few chairs that will give you a Swedish massage at this price point.

Customers also rave about the foot massage and calf massage features. The 4000T has a unique foot roller system that stimulates those hard to reach acupuncture points. Quoted by one customer: "The massage rollers got to places I didn't know were possible in my feet!"

The chair also has 3 different levels of intensity to enhance your massage experience.

Sharper Image Revival


Sharper Image revivival


The Sharper Image Revival Massage is one of the massage chairs under $3000 when it is on sale. This L-track massage chair is known for its smart body scanning technology and therapeutic massage benefits.

This chair is also highly rated for its foot massage. Customers enjoy the Shiatsu foot roller reflexology as well as the 8 automatic programs for relaxation.


There are some incredible massage chair deals on the market. While inflation pushed out some of the old favorites (like the infinity escape massage chair), manufacturers are innovating and driving down the price of standard features.

While a few years ago most full body air massage chairs were in the $5000+ range, you can now find a great quality massage chair for half the price.

So how do you pick the best massage chair for you?

Do your homework and see what is the most valuable settings for you. If you can't get everything you want in this price range, you may have to move up to the under $5000 price range or wait for a deal.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our massage chair specialists.

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