Best 4D Massage Chairs To Help You Unwind (2024 Edition)

Best 4D Massage Chairs To Help You Unwind (2024 Edition)

Picture coming home to a massage therapist who first scans your body for sore muscles.... Then creates the perfect massage intensity to help you relax and zone out from a stressful day...

With today's 4D deep tissue massage chairs, this can become your reality. Newer 4D massage chairs provide a lifelike massage experience that will keep you looking forward to the end of the day.

Introduction to 4D Massage Chairs

Everyone could use a personal massage assistant, right?

As the massage chair industry has progressed, so has the complexity of massage chairs. 15. years ago massage chair rollers mostly just went up and down and side to side (2D Massage) without a ton of cutting edge features.

All of that started to change when people desired a massage that felt more like human hands. This pushed the innovation towards 3D and 4D chairs. As the demand increased, the quality of the massage techniques and features did as well.

Technology Behind 4D Massage Chairs

Over the past 5 years, massage chairs have advanced at lightning speed due to their numerous benefits. With more people spending time at home, the massage chair industry grew at the fastest rate in the past 30 years.

Manufacturers developed new luxury features to continue to create a remarkable massage experience.

The '4D' Difference

Today 2D massage chairs are being phased out, and many models are 3D or 4D. One one the great benefits to consumers, the cost of 3D and 4D massage chairs has decreased due to rapid innovation (think phone technology).

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10 years ago a good 2D massage chair would cost $4,000. Today, you can get a solid 4D massage chair for the same price. This 4D technology makes a huge difference. 4D adds variable speed to the massage rollers, which mimics an in person massage. This means you'll be able to get a deeper massage to loosen up tight muscles.

Also the increase of control creates a more personalized and effective massage.

Key Features

Some of the key features of these 4D massage chairs are advanced body scan technology and intelligent voice control. This technology allows you to close your eyes and experience relaxation vs. trying to mess with a remote all of the time.

Another key feature of 4D massage chairs are L tracks that go from the neck to the bottom of the glutes. Combined with the variable intensity massage, you won't go wrong with 4D.

Health Benefits of 4D massage

A 4D massage helps to release more stress and muscle tension. The deep tissue massage combined with heat therapy does wonders for muscle stiffness. That part is a given.

But one of the nicest benefits of 4D massage chairs is you are also able to tone things down to a gentle spa-like relaxation massage if your mood calls for it. Combine the massage with advanced features and the ultimate relaxation experience is yours!

Choosing the Best 4D Massage Chair

When you pick your massage chair, there are a number of key factors. Budget wise, most mid-range 4D massage chairs with good build quality will range from $3,999 to $5,999 and high-end luxury models range from $7,999 to upwards of $15,000.

Beyond budget, there are some key buying factors that are important for you to consider that will help you be happy with your massage experience long term.

Buying Factors

Whenever I help someone pick out a massage chair, I make sure we get a few things right. The goal is make sure they have the perfect chair for their body type.

The most important buying factor is what level of intensity/roughness someone wants. The number one reason someone dislikes a chair is it's either too intense or not intense enough.

Pro tip: When picking a chair for a couple, make sure to find a chair with large ranges of variability.

Once you get this picked out, you want to make sure you decide what massage options are important for you. Do you want all the bells and whistles of a luxury massage chairs? Or a great all around chair?

Is your main focus to experience wellness? Or are you the athlete type that wants deep intensity?

Also knowing how often you will use the chair can factor into your decision (type of warranty and build quality).

Popular Brands and Models

The most well-known brands in the massage chair industry are Osaki-Titan, Human Touch, Infinity, Kyota, JPMedics (Cozzia), and Synca Wellness (Johnson Fitness).

Osaki, Human Touch, and Kyota mostly focus in the high-end luxury massage chair market. JPMedics and Synca Wellness focus on luxury Japanese massage chairs.

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There are some great newcomers to the market as well with Kahuna massage chairs and Ador.

There's a lot of great massage chairs out there! Let's check out some reviews of each one.

Top 4D Massage Models By Category

If you're in the market for a 4-D massage chair, you'll have plenty of choices ranging from $3,999 to $13,000+ in the high end massage chair category. We'll break down the best chairs by category based on customer reviews and our expert testing feedback

Best All-Around 4D Massage Chair: Osaki OP Maestro 4D+ LE 2.0 with AI Technology

The Osaki OP Maestro LE 2.0 is our top pick for the best overall chair. 6 out of 10 users prefer the Maestro LE over other massage chairs.  It's constantly voted one of the 7 Best Osaki Massage Chairs on the market. The Maestro LE 2.0 also scores high for best massage chair for lower back relief, AI pain detection, and customizable settings. It's not a secret why the Maestro LE series has been one of the top selling massage chairs in history.

The Maestro LE is also great for families who want a wide variety of massage settings and prefer different intensities of massage.

Best 4D Japanese Massage Chair - Synca JP3000

The Synca JP3000 just feels different. The chair is incredible at relieving tension in the neck and shoulder areas with it's methodical massage experience. It's built to last 2X longer than other massage chairs with its brushless motors manufactured by titans of the car industry. With customizable speed and simplicity in its auto programs, it's the iPhone of the massage chair industry. Synca Wellness JP3000 is in a whole new category by itself. This is an incredible chair if you love an intense upper back and neck massage. There are so many well thought out features - just what you would expect from a high-end Japanese massage chair.

Best 4D Massage Chair For Athletes - Human Touch Super Novo 2.0

The Human Touch Super Novo 2.0 is the upgraded version of the best selling Super Novo massage chair. With the Acupoint® Body Sensing, the Super Novo 2.0 will map your body to make sure it can do an incredible deep tissue massage. Professional athletes LOVE the the Human Touch Super Novo due to it's incredible stretch features and deep tissue massage programs.

The Super Novo 2.0 ads in a softening pad for a whole new level of customization if you are looking for more of a spa like massage during the day.

Best 4D Massage Chair With AI Functionality - JPMedics Kaze

The AI functionality and built in chair doctor gives the JPMedics Kaze 4D the edge in the AI functionality space. The JPMedics Kaze will do a body scan and adjust the massage for the day based on the users body condition. The benefits of this interactive massage is constant adjustments based on your muscle tension levels. Imagine relaxing in zero gravity position and receiving a customized massage in your living room whenever you need it.


Best 4D Massage Chair Stretch - Osaki 4D+ Solis

The Osaki 4D+ Solis almost beat out the Osaki Maestro LE 2.0 as the best 4D massage chair. The competition was close. But the 190 degree stretch feature on the Osaki OP Solis 4D+ is easily the best on the market. It's one of the unique features of the Solis that won't be found in other massage chairs. Combined with Osaki's new 4D + 2D Dual flex track technology, you'll get one of the best massages on the market.

The Airbags in the Solis are stronger than most massage chairs due to the 190 degree stretch features, so you are able to get an intense full body massage.

Best 4D Massage Chair Under $5,000 Kyota Yosei M868

The Kyota Yosei is one of the most versatile massage chairs on the market, let alone chairs under $5,000. With a great decompression stretch and waist twist function, you are able to decompress your spine and relax stiff back muscles. Combining this with heat therapy it came in second for overall pain relief. The Kyota Yosei M868 also features some impressive massage techniques.

The Kyota also does a great job on the calves with Oscillating airbags which give a lifelike massage. Combined with massage rollers on the feat, the Yosei M868 is an incredible value. You don't find many great 4D massage chairs under $5,000. But the Yosei M868 is an incredible value.. It's original price is higher, but right now the current price is under $5,000.

Additional Things To Consider With Your 4D Massage Chairs

It's important to know that finding the perfect 4D massage chair is a personalized choice. Different people like different full body massage experiences. So it's important to ask some key questions in your decision making process

Do I want more features or less price?

As you add in more features such as AI technology and advanced heat therapy, the price is going to go up. Are more features important to you? Is price a major deciding factor? This will help narrow the search on which 4D massage chairs fit your situation. 4D massage chairs with good build quality start at $4,000, and luxury 4D massage chairs start in the $7,000 range.

Another great question to ask: Am I going to replace my massage therapist with the massage chair?

Do I want a more intense massage chair, a relaxing massage chair, or both?

One of the benefits of massage chairs in the luxury arena is that they have speed adjustability to focus on both a gentle relaxation massage and an intense vigorous massage. This helps open up the massage chair for a variety of uses. Other chairs on the lower end like the Titan Epic are great 4D massage chairs but lack the ability to focus on a gentle relaxation massage.

Getting a 4D massage chair at the right intensity is one of the most important parts of the search.

Intelligent AI Health Detection

Most high end models in 2024 come with the intelligent AI detection and chair doctor functionality. This technology hit the market in 2022 and customers have gravitated towards it. One of the many benefits of the health detection is the massage chair rollers and airbags will adjust intensity based on the current state of your body. This will help you relax and be able to checkout more during the massage.

Human-Like 4D Rollers

Human like massage rollers are becoming standard in the 4D massage chair segment. They are in all of our featured best selling massage chairs above. One of the core reasons of going to a 4D massage is that the rollers are going to be able to start competing with a massage therapist. You will notice better relaxation and less pain/soreness after the massage with human like rollers.

Unique Techniques and Programs

AI technology and the chair doctor are just some of the unique features to think about in the chair buying process. While you won't have to worry about picking between S track or L track (all high end 4D massage chairs have L track or are labeled SL track, which is the same thing as L track), you will need to decide what massage modes and features are important to you.

Here are items that are standard in 4D Massage chairs:

  1. L track or SL track (s track being phased out)

  2. Zero gravity massage

  3. Built in speakers and bluetooth

  4. Variable massage rollers

  5. Auto massage programs

Here are a list of nice techniques and programs to consider that aren't standard

  1. Muscle tension detection

  2. AI technology

  3. Advanced stretch features

  4. Relaxation enhancements (Ion therapy, LED lights, Dome)

  5. Calf heating and rollers

Space and Aesthetic Options

Is the massage chair going to go in the living room and blend with the other furniture? Do I have limited space to put the chair?

Most massage chairs (even ones with zero gravity recline) have space saving technology which allow them to be placed close to the wall. As far as size, some models like the Osaki Solis have a more petite build than a Super Novo 2.0.

Foot and Calf Massage Capabilities

We don't always think about out feet and calfs when we are thinking about massage chairs. But there is a huge variety. Some massage chairs have foot and calf rollers with heat. Others just have compression airbags. This usually isn't a deal breaker on a great 4D massage chair, but it's something to look at.

Type of Footrest

There a couple of types of footrests, and depending on your height it can be a dealer breaker on a massage chair. There are spring loaded footrests that you need to push down to extend. There are also auto-adjustable footrests that you can adjust with programming. This is important to think about if you want to extend your legs or not in the zero gravity position.

Another consideration is open vs. closed-toe footrests. People with bigger feet may have a hard time fitting their feet into a closed toe footrest which kills the relaxation vibe.

Conclusion - The 4D Massage Renaissance Is Here

Wow there is a number of incredible 4D massage chairs on the market right now. The price of 4D massage chairs has really decreased in the past 3 years. This has brought incredible value to the massage chair industry and driven innovation. It has pushed 2D S track massage chairs out of the market. We are seeing 4D Massage chairs add features faster than iPhones.

With all of the above massage chairs, you are guaranteed to relieve tension and have a great escape from the stresses of daily life.

Future Trends in The Massage Chair Industry

We are seeing the massage chair industry integrate advanced technology at a rapid rate. Things like zero gravity which were rare 5 years ago have become standard. Many massage chair companies are looking to make the massage chair experience even more immersive. We see a place for augmented and virtual reality.

We also expect 3D massage chairs to be phased out or go to rockbottom prices (something we are seeing happening right now).

Since massage chairs are a break from stressful everyday life, we also expect them to become more common in today's overworked world.



Below are some frequently asked questions about the massage chair industry. If you have a question you would like answered feel free to ask us on our live chat or call us at 855-494-1133.

Are massage chairs worth having?

Massage chairs are a great investment if you prefer the convenience of massage on demand along with cost savings if you get frequent massages. A massage chair investment can pay for itself quickly when comparing the cost of a professional masseuse trained in advance therapies.

Is it okay to sit in a massage chair every day?

You should not do deep tissue massage everyday. This type of massage releases toxins and takes days to recover from. You should not do deep tissue massage more than 3 times a week.

Deep tissue massage

What does Deep Tissue Massage Do?

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that is used to treat musculoskeletal issues and and other chronic body pains. This aids recovery by improving blood flow to damaged tissues and loosening stiff joints and muscles