How Long do Osaki massage chairs last?

How Long do Osaki massage chairs last?

A common question when someone is in the market for their first massage chair is this: How long with this thing last? After being in the business for over 27 years, we have a good idea what brands stand the test of time and which cheaper models break easily.

Let's dive deeper on the subject

Key Takeaways On Osaki Massage Chairs

  • Well maintained chairs last 10-15+ years (more than double the time of some other chairs)

  • Frequency of use is a determining factor

  • 15 years of data doesn't lie

What Goes Into A Massage Chair Lifespan?

Before we deep dive into the quality of Osaki massage chairs, we need to go over a few key items most people aren't familiar with on longevity of the massage chair.

Quality of the build is a key component

The quality of chairs in the massage chair industry is all over the map. High-end 4D massage chairs like Osaki are going to be built in the best factories in China or Japan. These massage chairs will easily last 10+ years with proper care.

Contrast this with some of the cheaper massage chairs on the market that typically last less than 3 years. A litmus test looks at how long of a warranty the company provides. Companies with poor build quality usually have dozens of disclaimers and a weak warranty. So sometimes when you save on price you lose out on money in the long run.

Are you going to use the massage chair regularly?

Knowing how often you are going to use the chair (or if there will be multiple users) is important. A majority of users use the massage chair 2-4 times per week. More frequent use of getting a soothing massage may create the need to get replacement parts on wear items (like synthetic leather, or the seat) or have general maintenance done.

The good news is the key components like the structural framework and CPU/software are not usually affected by heavy usage.

Tips for Lengthening a Massage Chair's Lifespan

Once you get a chair with all the bells and whistles like zero gravity space saving technology, AI body scanning, and advanced auto programs, you want to make sure to protect your purchase.

The good news is, the manufacturer has designed components to extend the service life of the chair so there isn't much you need to do.

Here are a couple things you can to do ensure your chair lasts a long time.

Inspect All Components After Delivery and Installation

While Osaki Massage chairs are made to last, sometimes issues can arise from transit. This can include the in home service delivery team dropping the chair or installing incorrectly. While this is rare, it can happen. Be sure to report any issues so a warranty repair can be scheduled right away.

Typically these types of repairs involve a pinched hose or cord installed incorrectly to the remote or electronic features.

Move only when needed

While massage chairs are designed to be moved (most come with rollers), they have a lot more electronics than regular furniture. Similar to damage in delivery, it's rare but it can cause an issue if you don't follow the instructions.

How Long Should I Expect My Massage Chair To Last?

A high-end massage chair brand like Osaki will last 10-15 years+.

How do we know?

Being in the industry for over 25 years, we still hear regularly from customers who bought massage chairs 10+ years ago.

Here's the truth - most of the time the massage chair is replaced not because of a problem with the structural framework, but because the customer wants newer advanced features. Technology like AI body scanning and intelligent health detection increase the quality of massage. So it it makes sense that people upgrade to improve the stress relief of their massage.

Many times this happens in the 5-10 year range. That's still more than enough time to get an incredible ROI and get hundreds of relaxation sessions in.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What other massage chairs have a good reputation for longevity?

JPmedics, Synca Wellness, Human Touch, and Kyota all have a proven track record of outlasting their warranty period. All provide very good value for the money paid and have excellent warranties.

What is typically Included in a Warranty?

It's key to read the details, but most warranties have in home parts and labor coverage for 1-5 years, depending on the manufacturer. This means if your chair needs a repair, a technician will contact you and come to your home to perform the repair and any maintenance needed.

The warranty covers the entire cost of these repairs.