How To Get Best Massage Chair Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

How To Get Best Massage Chair Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Looking for the perfect massage chair for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? This holiday season is bringing down the price of high-end 4D massage chairs. We'll share with you how to find the best deals on the market and the PERFECT time to buy (which isn't what everyone thinks).

We'll break it all down as well as share some of the best deals.

Why Buy Massage Chairs Before Black Friday

One of the biggest insider secrets to Black Friday Deals is this: Buy your massage chair BEFORE Black Friday starts.


2 reasons:

1. In recent years, shipping delays (especially with white glove delivery) have become a HUGE problem. Some manufacturers only guarantee white glove deliveries before Christmas on orders placed by November 15!

The reason is that over 50% of massage chairs are sold between Black Friday and the end of the year. So to deal with this issue, most massage chair dealers and manufacturers (like us!) created a solution.

2. Dealers provide price match guarantees during the Holiday season - so if you see a lower advertised price than the current price you paid, you will get the savings!

This gives online consumers who are shopping early peace of mind they won't miss out on deals later in the year.

In fact, many companies are willing to even give more discount earlier in the month before the Cyber Monday Sales start.

What are the Best Black Friday Massage Chair Deals in 2023?

Joining our instant savings list is the best way to find deals and get great unadvertised Holiday Season discounts up to 60% off the original price for some models.

You can check out manufacturer specific discounts here. These are some of the biggest deals I've seen, and I find it INCREDIBLE you can get a quality 4D massage chair for under $4,000. Just last year prices were well above $5,000.

Take that inflation!

Expert Tip 1 - Just reach out and ask!

If you are unsure which model would be best for you as well, you can contact our store using the live chat feature below or call us at 855-494-1133. Also many times there are unadvertised specials if you just ask!

Alright let's get down to some of the best advertised zero gravity recliner and massage chair deals based on price points, starting with the best deals under $3,000.


Osaki OS Pro First Class Massage Chair

One of the top Osaki Models over the past 5 years is on sale for the current price of $2,999 vs. the $6,999 original price. The Osaki First class was one of the first chairs to have an adjustable shoulder width massage and a true two stage zero gravity chair. The adjustable shoulder width allows you to fit the chair correctly on your shoulder muscles. The two stage zero gravity makes the chair great to get a full body massage or sit in the chair for long periods of time.



Kyota Kaizen M680 With Free White Glove + Advantage Massage Gun

Kyota shocked us with their holiday promos offering free white glove delivery and massage guns at this price point. This is the first 4D chair I've seen for under $3,000 on the market and a rare heavy discount for the brand. With space saving technology, the Kyota Kaizen M680 has over 70 5-star reviews online and perfect for someone who wants to use the chair daily to unwind. It's a great deal with free white glove delivery and the advantage massage gun.


Osaki Admiral Massage Chair

The Osaki OS Pro 3D Admiral cemented Osaki massage chairs as the industry leader in 2019. The Admiral has been the best selling massage chair since then. While this chair has been on the market for over 5 years, it's constantly rated above competitors with more features. Why is it one of the favorite massage chairs on the market?

One word: Tranquility.

The Admiral is known for its gentle relaxation massage and dependability. It's the highest selling Osaki massage chair ever made.

Customers love the variety of massage techniques in this full body massage chair. The Admiral Chair offers great health benefits and body scanning technology. It was early to the space saving technology and multiple massage styles trend. The Admiral is on promo for $3,999.



Kyota Yosei M868 with Free White Glove + Year Year Extended Warranty

The Kyota Yosei does an incredible job with its decompression stretch and waist twist function. The spinal correction feature helps stiff muscles relax by grabbing ahold of your legs with the airbags and decompressing your spine. The Yosei also provides waist twisting, which is is a milder option if chronic pain doesn’t allow you to use the decompression feature.

The Yosei also comes with excellent lumbar heat to help loosen the muscles. Sitting in the zero-gravity position relaxing your back has never felt better. Its comprehensive support for the lower back and multiple massage techniques make it the most versatile massage chair for lower back pain relief.

This chair is a steal when it’s on promo for $4,999. This chair came in a close second for best overall relief.

OP Master

Osaki Platinum OP 4D Master Massage Chair

The best selling Osaki OP Xrest massage chair's almost identical twin brother is on promo for $8,999. The Xrest took the industry by storm in 2023 with its over the shoulder massage technology. The Osaki OP Master is the EXACT same chair without the privacy hood and LED light. Users love the heat therapy. The AI health and wellness monitor and massage techniques has the chair compete with the Ogawa Master d]Drive massage chair. This chair is incredible high end relaxation.

Summary - Buy Your Perfect Massage Chair Now

Why not relax in your new massage chair on Black Friday and order other products?

While everyone is waiting for massage chair Black Friday sales and the end of November, you can shop with peace of mind you won't see a better deal come Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Manufacturers have created no reason to wait for the best deal.

Massage chairs are continuing to advance and 2023 will offer some of the best sales on massage chairs.

We will match prices of any chair you purchase if it
is advertised for less before the end of the year so long as it's an authorized dealer.