Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair Review

Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair Review

Kyota Genki M380 massage chair is definitely a massage chair one will like to have in their home. That is if you consider massage as an activity that is very important to your well-being.

Massaging the body helps to provide stress relief in the body. It is a great way to relax after a long day. When choosing your massage chair, there are certain features that you desire to have. In fact, it may be a deal breaker. If you don't have such features in the massage chair.

This is why we write articles like this. It is to help educate you on what you are buying. We also provide enough information. So you can make an informed decision.

Kyota Genki M380 massage chair has a lot of exquisite features. Most of which are not available in other massage chairs. They include an oscillating foot and calve massage that is unique to it. 4-node 3D massage mechanism that works concisely to deliver an effective massage. They also have other sundry features. This includes Bluetooth speakers, triple roller foot massage, etc. These are features that make this massage chair great.

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Let's find out more about this massage chair.

Kyota Genki M380 massage chair

Features of Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair

360 Degree 4-Node massage mechanism

360 Degree 4-Node massage mechanism

Kyota's range of massage chairs often uses very unique massage features for its chairs. The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair has 360-degree 4-node massage quad rollers.

These quad rollers are 3 dimensional. This is because they move in three directions while giving a massage. The quad rollers move in a sweeping motion to deliver daily therapeutic massage. The massage rollers use different massage styles when moving.

The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair massage rollers use different massage techniques. They move in a continuous figure 8 motion to deliver an incredible massage.

Massage rollers types are a deal breaker for most massage chair buyers. This is because it determines the quality of the massage that you get. Massage rollers are basically the hands and palms of the massage chair.

4D massage rollers are found on higher-end massage chairs. Other chairs that are lower-range or mid-range feature 2D rollers and 3D rollers. 3D rollers move in three directions, while 2D massage rollers move in two directions.

L-Track Technology

L-Track Technology

Massage rollers move around the back of the user. This happens with the help of roller tracks. The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair has L-track technology. It helps the massage chair move the quad rollers from the neck to the glutes of the users.

L-track technology helps users feel the impact of a roller massage. This impact covers not only the back but also the hamstrings and glutes. A roller track makes it easy for the massage chair to massage both the upper body and the lower body.

There are three types of roller tracks found in most massage chairs. They are S-track, L-track, and SL-track technology. The S-track technology follows the S-curvature of the spine. It stops at the lumbar region. This marks the end of the upper part of your body.

Chairs that deploy this type of roller concentrate on giving you a good back massage as a priority. If you want a massage that goes further down. Consequently, you need the L-track massage chair. This roller track reaches down to under the glutes. It gives you an effective massage. This removes muscle tension from your glutes and hamstrings.

L-track technology is better than S-track technology for obvious reasons. While L-track technology is great. There is the SL track technology that combines the advantage of the previous two. Higher-end massage chairs use this to show how top-grade their massage chair is.

Kyota Genki M380 massage chair did a great job. It implemented the L-track massage technology in its massage chair. If you are looking for a massage that takes care of your back and glutes. This is the massage chair to buy.

Calf Massage

Calf Massage

Calf massage is a requirement for most massage chairs now. It is a comprehensive massage experience that anyone who buys a massage chair should have. Your calves and feet often experience pain. This is because of the weight your body that it carries. People whose jobs involve standing all day often experience tired calves.

The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair uses an oscillation motor to perform a calf massage. This massage is incredibly soothing and relieves pain. Calf massage is essential. This is because it helps users relax. This is more so if they have been on their feet all day long.

The calf area of the massage chair contains a kneading and oscillation motor. It works in orbital motions to provide quick relief. Kyota Genki M380 massage chair is one of the first massage chairs to use an oscillation motor as a calf massage mechanism.

The calf rollers and the oscillation motor works to restore flexibility and relieve pain. Additionally, the airbags also provide a compression massage. This happens as the calf kneading is going on.

Reflexology foot Massage

Reflexology foot Massage

The unique feature of the Kyota Genki M380 massage chair is quite clear. It separates calf massage and foot massage. Most massage chairs in the market usually combine the two. This is not so with the Kyota Genki M380 massage chair.

While it uses an oscillating motor roller for the calf. For the foot massage, it uses triple-action shiatsu rollers. This massages underneath the foot. Evidently, the massage chair offers total sole reflexology relief. Furthermore, it is quite unique to this brand of massage chair.

The foot rollers move in opposite directions. This is to reach different parts of your feet. The airbags also reinforce the movement. Accordingly, they press tightly on the upper foot. This helps to ensure that the contact is maximum. Foot rollers used to be only double. In contrast, the triple foot rollers installed in this chair provide a superb experience.

The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair uses triple shiatsu rollers. It provides the broadest total sole reflexology relief. It is one of the best that you can get from any massage chair. These shiatsu rollers apply pressure to acupressure points underneath your feet.

What are acupressure points? They are vital pressure points in the body. They are points that allow energy to flow within our bodies. Users apply pressure to these points to treat illnesses. Such illnesses include headaches, nausea, and digestive issues. The ancient Chinese masseuse discovered it.

Using Japanese massage practices like a shiatsu massage. We can manipulate such points on our feet to relieve pressure, treat illness and promote wellness. Reflexology massage is a great part of the reason people buy massage chairs.

One Touch Zero Gravity

One Touch Zero Gravity

NASA invented the Zero gravity positioning technology. This provides an equitable massage experience for users. It reclines one's massage chair until the user attains weightlessness. This position is favorable for taking a massage. Subsequently, it affects different parts of your body during the massage.

The zero gravity positioning removes gravitational pull from your body. It also relieves the pressure that the different parts of your body feel due to this force.

Why is this important for you? The zero gravity positioning elevates your legs to a degree that equals your heart level. Your heart pumps faster and increases blood circulation. Accordingly, this eliminates toxins from your body.

Furthermore, the zero gravity recline also removes pressure from your back. Your backbones align more properly. It also eliminates the stress of compressions. Healing of the back takes place because it no longer bears the pressure of carrying your spine.

Another important impact of zero gravity recline is the impact it has on your lungs. Gravitational force pulls down the lungs. This causes them not to expand to their full capacity. When there is no gravity to contend with, the diaphragms expand. They allow more oxygen into your bloodstream. This promotes stress relief and wellness.

Body Scan Technology

Body Scan Technology in massage chair

Body scan technology is a way of determining the size of a person's body. Furthermore, the massage chair can calibrate its setting to suit a particular person. Most massage chairs accommodate people within different height ranges.

For example, the Kyota Genki M380 massage chair accommodates various heights. They range between 4'8 to 6'5''. There is no way a massage chair will accommodate people within this broad range of height. Except it understands the body feature of each person.

The body scan technology scans the whole body of each user. It determines the following positions. The shoulder height, spinal length, hand position, and neck position. This helps the massage chair understand where the massage rollers should fit. It also shows the length that the ottoman should extend to accommodate your legs. It will also know where your shoulder height is. As a result, it can correctly fit the airbags.

All these enable the massage chair to deliver a superior massage experience. You can say that the body scan technology is the eye of the massage chair. Evidently, you won't be wrong. Most contemporary massage chairs today have body scan technology.

Airbag Compression Massage

Airbag Compression Massage

Using an air compression massage is the way that massage chairs stretch or twist different parts of the body. This is to attain a full-body massage. The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair has 24 airbags with about 34 airbag cells.

The air cell compression massage helps to stretch areas that rollers cannot reach. For example, airbags sit on the neck and shoulders of the user. It uses both stretching and twisting to decompress the muscles of the neck. Thereby causing pain relief.

Air compression massage is an important part of any massage. This is because the airbags inflate and deflate at various intensities. This helps to provide daily therapeutic massage.

Kyota Genki M380 massage chair airbags can be adjusted. It has three levels of intensity adjustment. This intensity moves from low to high. The massage intensity determines the amount of pressure applied to your body.

Auto Programs

auto programs in massage chair

Massage programs provide options for massage chair users. Most users want a comprehensive massage chair. One that carries a good number of massage programs. That is why most users want to know the types of massage programs a chair has. Whether they be auto programs or manual programs.

Most massage chairs try to provide a wide variety of options. This is to ensure that their users have the liberty of choosing what suits them. The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair has 12 auto massage programs. Furthermore, it also has three memory massage programs. This allows the programming of your favorite massage programs.

These memory massage programs target different parts of your body. They provide the most comprehensive massage you can think of. Here are the massage programs available to you on the Kyota Genki M380 massage chair.

Auto massage programs

  • Quick

  • Fullbody

  • Rest & Relax

  • Recharge

  • Recovery

  • Stretch

  • Neck & shoulders

  • Back Relief

  • Lower body

  • Stress relief

  • Renew

  • Athlete

Manual massage techniques

The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair offers five different massage techniques. They achieve different objectives. They include

  • Kneading

  • Knocking massage

  • Tapping

  • Shiatsu

  • Kneading with tapping

You can also use manual massage techniques. This is to perform either spot or zonal massage on your body. Furthermore, the Kyota massage Genki M380 massage chair can deliver daily therapeutic massage experience hands-free.

Heat Therapy

heath theraphy in massage chair

Heat is a major enabler of a wholesome massage experience. Most times when you feel pain in your body. Your first instinct is to apply a hot compress. This is because heat actually has a therapeutic effect. It helps to relax and relieve pain.

In traditional massage parlors. Massage therapists apply hot stones to achieve the same effect on muscles. The application of heat to your body makes your muscles pliable. It also makes it more flexible for an effective massage.

The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair has two heating pads. They are on the lumbar section of the massage chair. The lumbar heat heating modules apply heat to the lower back.

People that suffer from lower back pain will get relief while using this chair. The lumbar heat heating modules can be controlled by the user. They have three levels of control. This means that you determine how hot your heating pads would get.

Kyota Genki M380 massage chair uses this effect to attract people that require help to manage lower back pain.

Space-saving Technology

Massage chair space saving

If there is anything a message chair buyer wants in the massage chair today. It is one that has all the features they desire and still fits in their space. Most massage chairs are aware of this need. They ensure that massage chairs are not the only furniture you have in your living room.

Okay, that is funny. But we are saying that massage chair makers offer your the best of their features with space-saving technology. This enables the massage chair to seamlessly fit into your living room or space.

The Kyota Genki M380 massage chair model has a 2'' space-saving technology. This means that when you install your massage chair close to the wall. It only needs a wall clearance of about 2'' to fully recline even in the zero gravity position.

The slide-forward space-saving technology is the reason a lot of users find this chair endearing. Not all massage chairs have this almost zero-inch space-saving technology feature. Most massage chairs often offer about three inches upward. Kyota massage chairs offer very low wall clearance for all its chairs.

Space-saving technology is a very important innovation in massage chairs. It has made it desirable to a wide range of customers. Users are comfortable knowing that they can purchase a massage chair. That will fit in with their living environment. Subsequently, will not cramp their space.

Extended Ottoman

The Kyota Genki M380 accommodates people within the height range of 4'8'' to 6'5''. This means that each person will have different leg lengths. To accommodate users with varying leg lengths. The Kyota massage chair installed an extendable ottoman. The ottoman is spring-loaded to adjust to a suitable length for each user. Consequently, extra tall people with long legs have a lot of leg room to enjoy the massage chair.

Intelligent Voice Command

invioice command in massage chair

Kyota Genki M380 massage chair uses Intelligent voice commands to control the chair. A massage chair usually has a remote control. But Kyota Genki M380 further installed a voice command function in the massage chair.

This means that you can speak to your message chair to start any function you want. Without even touching the remote. To put the massage chair in voice command mode, you say 'Hello Kyota'.

You can use voice control to get any setting you want in the massage chair. For example, you can pick and choose massage programs. You can also set the massage chair to recline with a single voice control command.

The Intelligent voice command has 16 voice commands installed. Furthermore, it allows you have a massage experience hands-free. Users that suffer from arthritic fingers will find this component useful. Since they will not have to use the remote control.

Chromotherapy Lights

Most massage parlors use different types of lights to set an ambiance. This endears people and helps them to relax. Massage chairs copied this phenomenon. They introduced chromotherapy lights. Kyota Genki M380 has Chromotherapy lights installed on the headrest of the massage chair. This is to create an ambiance that enhances healing, relaxation, and balance.

What is chromotherapy? According to this research, Chromotherapy is the use of the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to treat diseases. It has been in use for centuries. You can trace it back to the ancient Mayan culture. It works by using certain electromagnetic vibrations to put the body back on a healthy track.

Premium Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers in massage chair

One of the reasons users consider the Kyota Genki M380 a great chair is because it provides musical relaxation. This happens while you have a massage. Think of it, it won't be fun to just seat in a massage chair and all you have as a company is the hum of a massage chair motor.

Kyota Genki M380 installed a premium Bluetooth speaker on its headrest. This is to enable you to play and enjoy any genre of music you want. We all know that different types of music have different effects on our bodies. Low-tempo music will help you relax and even lull you to sleep. Here is the beauty of a Kyota massage chair. Whatever type of music you want is entirely up to you.

You can connect your phone via Bluetooth to enjoy your music. Personally, I find that playing jazz music while taking a massage actually helps to calm and relax my nerves after a hard day's work.

Sleep Mode

Massage parlors allow users to rest for a while after the massage. This helps to deepen the massage experience. Some massage parlors even allow you to sleep for a while before you get up. This of course depends on the amount of time you paid for.

Kyota Genki M380 has a sleep mode. It allows the massage chair to remain in the same position even when the massage is over. Most massage chairs have massage timers between 5 minutes to 30 minutes. When the timer is up, the massage chair will return to its initial position.

With sleep mode, the massage chair can stay in the same position. Until you are ready to alight from it.

USB Charging port

Usb charging port

The Kyota Genki M380 has a USB charging port. Generally, it enables you to charge your phone while using the chair. Most people listen to music while having a massage. This component is quite important. Furthermore, it helps to ensure you don't run out of charge before your massage is over.

Remote control

 Remote control

Controlling your massage chair is important when you own a massage chair. This is because people of different age ranges buy massage chairs. The manufacturers endeavor to give good remote control. This helps to ensure that people can easily decipher and use the various features.

The Kyota Genki M380 has a retractable LCD remote. It can be safely tucked into the side pocket of the massage chair. The remote control buttons are simple, legible, and bold. It has a backlit property that allows the user to see what is happening on the screen.

Why is ease of use very important for a massage chair? Because you don't want customers returning your massage chair. Simply because they cannot figure out how to control the massage chair.

Full Manual Control

The Kyota Genki massage chair has a full manual control option. This allows you to perform spot massage using a specific massage technique. It also allows you to control the air intensity and the foot roller's activity.

You can use manual control in two ways. To do either spot massage or zonal massage. Using the zonal option you can concentrate the massage on mapped areas of your body.


The upholstery that covers the Kyota Genki M380 massage chair is made of very strong synthetic leather. The covering is luxurious to the touch. It is durable and does not retain spills. Easily cleanable and requires little maintenance.


Kyota Genki m380 offers a robust warranty for its products. When you purchase the kyota Genki M380massage chair you have the following warranty cover for your chair.

  • Unlimited USA-based customer & technical support

  • 4 Year structural frame warranty

  • No-cost replacement on covered parts for 2 years

  • Complete Care/No-cost covered parts & covered labor (in-home, if necessary) for 1 year

The warranty does not cover the corporate or commercial usage of this massage chair. This is necessary information for any buyer.


Kyota Genki massage chair has the following specifications

  • Dimensions Upright 60"L x 33"W x 45"H

  • Dimensions Recline 70"L x 33"W x 32"H

  • Weight 303.6lbs

  • Recommended Weight 300lbs.

  • Shipping Weight 367lbs.

Pros & Cons of Kyota Genki M380


  • L-track technology

  • Oscillating calve massage

  • Intelligent voice command

  • Refine air cell compression massage

  • Automatic programs and memory massage programs

  • 4-node quad rollers


Limited heat therapy- At the lumbar only

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A massage chair is an investment in your well-being. It helps you to eliminate stress. It promotes your health and wholeness. helps you to manage some health issues that do have not permanent cures. When you choose to buy a massage chair, it is important to know what you desire. It is also important to know how much you are willing to pay for it.

The Kyota Genki massage chair packs a lot of desired features for a midrange massage chair. It also provides quality massage with a lot of added ancillaries to make you enjoy the experience. Finally, it is currently selling at a price that is difficult to match considering the features.

Kyota massage chairs give good measurable value for your money. This is because the features you enjoy are comparable to what you paid.

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