Osaki Admiral Impresses after all these years

Osaki Admiral Impresses after all these years

The Osaki Pro admiral massage chair has been a huge hit on the market since it was released 5 years ago. While dozens of new chairs have come out with more advanced massage techniques, the OS Pro Admiral outsells them all.

We'll break down why in this article.

But first, lets talk about why Osaki Massage Chairs are so popular.

Why Is Osaki Massage Chairs Such A Popular Brand?

Osaki-Titan has the largest online massage chair manufacturer in the US. They've developed a reputation for making great chairs that are tailored to customers needs. They score high on customer service and warranties as well.

Osaki makes it incredibly simple to obtain warranty service if needed (which we can't say about all manufacturers). Osaki often extends a 5 year warranty on the Admiral for free because the chair RARELY has issues.


Pro Admiral


Who is The Pro Admiral Massage Chair Popular With?

The Osaki Admiral massage chair is popular for people who want a great full body massage experience that isn't too rough. The Admiral does a great deep tissue massage, but it's not painful at the highest settings like many chairs. This is the same as its bigger brother, the Osaki Maestro LE which is the number one selling premium chair.

This level of firmness is desired by about 80% of the market. It fits athletes looking to aid in recovery and pain relief. It's also gentle enough for the elderly and those looking for gentle relief of their aches and pains.


What the OS Pro Admiral Massage Chair Does Well

The Pro Admiral has mastered all of the basics that provide a great massage experience. While it doesn't have all the premium features of a chair like the Osaki OS Highpointe or Maestro LE, it still is a great premium massage chair for the price.

The Osaki Admiral's massage rollers provide a great neck and shoulder massage. While the Maestro scores high in comfort, it also has the strength to provide a much deeper massage if needed.

The L track roller system massages all the way up to the upper hamstrings. The compression massage helps improve blood circulation in the legs and sooth tight leg muscles.

The Osaki Admiral massage chair is one I want to jump into right now!

Let's go into detail about some of the higher rated features.


Pro Admiral 2


Auto Body Scan technology With 16 Auto Massage Programs

A core tenant of the perfect massage chair is an auto body scan that adjusts the massage rollers to your body with the optimal amount of pressure. The full body scan will detect your shoulder height which helps it provide an excellent neck massage. The full body scan will then feed into the massage styles to provide a more customized massage experience.

This provides great relaxation in the zero gravity position after a long day.

Full Body Air Compression Massage

The compression massage works with the rollers to continue increasing blood circulation. This helps the body rid itself of toxins and sooth aching muscles.

Foot Rollers and Auto Leg Extend

The Osaki Os Pro Admiral has three spinning reflexology massage rollers located on the bottom of your feet. The kneading style massage techniques will stimulate acupuncture points along the bottom of your foot. The ankle grip function will allow the airbags to inflate on your legs so you can get the desired massage pressure from the foot rollers. The chair also has auto leg extend which will extend to the optimal leg length. This is much better than most chairs that only have a manual mode that is spring loaded.

Space Saving Technology and Zero Gravity position

Zero gravity mode and space saving technology are common in today's chairs. The Osaki Os Pro Admiral zero gravity position is inspired by NASA technology and does not disappoint. This technology only takes 2 inches to get into the fully reclined position.

Space saving


The Osaki OS Pro Admiral massage chair executes well on a ton of core features. The compression massage features and auto massage programs are able to provide a ton of variety of massage styles. You are able to stimulate acupuncture points and improve circulation in your body. The heating pads help relieve pain and relax the body. The chair is capable of a much deeper massage when needed.

The space saving design makes it great for a commercial or corporate setting. Combined with the zero gravity mode inspired by NASA technology, it's sure to be a hit.

The Osaki Admiral massage chair is an incredible value for those who want a great chair and don't want to spend the money for higher end premium features. The auto massage programs will have something for everyone

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