Osaki HighPointe 4D Massage Chair Review

Osaki HighPointe 4D Massage Chair Review

Osaki HighPointe 4D Massage Chair Review

Osaki's latest high-end chair is taking the luxury chair market by storm. The Osaki OS Highpointe 4D is the closest thing to a lifelike massage on the market. The Highpointe pays close attention to all the popular massage features on the market - then takes things to another level.

The result: The best deep deep tissue massage chair on the market.

We recently tested this chair at the Las Vegas Furniture Show, and here's what we loved with our Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D Massage Chair review.

Osaki OS Highpointe 4D Massage Chair First Impression

The OS Highpointe 4D massage is sleeker than Osaki's other high end chair - The Maestro LE.   Both of these massage chairs rank on the 7 best Osaki Massage chairs on the market.

The zero gravity recline was perfect for me being 6'2" and 215 pounds. After about 5 minutes of the computerized body scanning technology, it was time to enjoy.

The deep tissue technology allowed me to work out some deep knots in my shoulder without being SORE like many other chairs. It an exceptional massage experience. I'm getting one for my house!

Let's take a closer look at some of the features:

SL Track Technology That Matches Your Body Type

One of the most overlooked portions of a great massage experience is the SL track aligning with your body curves. The Osaki OS Highpointe 4D did just that. The scientifically engineered SL track worked from the base of my skull to the bottom of my hamstrings. This with the body scan technology is a huge upgrade over older chairs.

It got a massage in areas that most massage chairs don't touch! It was a pleasant surprise how the SL track was able to loosen up my lower back.

4D System

4D Massage Mechanism

The Highpoint 4D's new deep tissue technology really shinned throughout the massage. I was able to get a deep massage throughout the neck and shoulder area WITHOUT being sore.

This I believe will be a huge benefit the Highpointe 4D has over other chairs: It's able to deliver a deep massage without feeling like you are getting stabbed. This has been one of the issues in the industry for people who like a strong massage - usually it was uncomfortable.

The Highpointe 4D massage chair can deliver a strong but relaxing massage.

Intelligent Voice Control

The intelligence voice control made changing modes a breeze. It was handy when I was reclining back in zero gravity mode. For the most part, I used the touchscreen controller. It was nice to have both options. I was say the Highpointe's voice control feature are a slight upgrade to older models.

Deep Calf Kneading + Heating

This is where we started to fall in love.

Most other massage chairs don't have deep calf kneading as well as calf and foot rollers. Most massage chair's calf massage use massage rollers OR airbags. The Highpointe 4D massage chair has two foot rollers along with calf massage airbags. The roller speed is adjustable as well.

Combining the two allowed me to get the most out of both techniques. Part of the issue I've run in before with deep calf massages is they hurt! Once I turned on the heat, the deep calf kneading helped things loosen up.

This is great for someone who suffers from foot and ankle pain like me. Combined with the heating features, this helped relieve the tension in my left calf and loosen up my ankles.

Automatic Programs and Massage Styles

Chairs with modern massages tend to have a ton of programs and styles. The Highpointe 4D massage chair is no different. It has 16 auto massage options and 5 manual modes. There are massage styles for everyone. I started with the auto demo mode. Then I enjoyed some of the luxury features I had not seen before - like the Chinese Medicine Setting. There was more adjustment settings than I had time for!

44 Cell Full Body Air Massage

The full body air massage creates immaculate compression therapy. Having the ability to vary pressure and mix and match massage techniques allowed me to find what was best for treating some deep tissue pain.

Along with the heat therapy I shared above, the body compression lumbar massage was great for helping my back relax.

Zero Gravity Recline and Space Saving Technology

Zero gravity reclining rest and Highpointe's space saving technology are not a drastic difference to what is on the market today. That said, the zero gravity recline was one of the most comfortable on the market.

Extended Heat Therapy (Lumbar, Calf + Heating Shawl for Chest)

The Osaki OS Highpointe 4D did innovate with the body heat therapy. This was another feature where Osaki paid close and personal attention to what other chairs lacked. I was able to place the heating shawl over my body while I was getting a massage on the neck and shoulder area. The heat helped the massage not be painful. I'm very thankful the Highpointe includes targeted heat.

I also struggle with a tight lower back. So the lumbar heating pad and specialized massage rollers were another nice additional that I enjoyed.

Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers

The Osaki OS Highpointe 4D comes with surround sound bluetooth speakers as well as a wireless phone charger. I didn't use the feature, but it seemed similar to the Osaki OS Maestro LE. This was another nice modern convenience.

Ultra Long Leg Rest Extension

This is another feature to like if you're tall like me! The extension allows the calf massage rollers to hit you in the right place on leg. No more having to move up and down to get a calf massage!


The Osaki OS Highpointe 4D Massage Chair is the most advanced massage system specializing in deep tissue massage on the market. With its variety of massage styles and excellent body heat therapy, I'm sure it's going to be a hit.

Early reviews have people raving about the Highpointe 4D massage experience. The proven calf kneading function is always one of the highlights we hear about. No one knew how nice a deep calf kneading massage was until they tried this chair. Combined with the calf heat, you won't find another chair that beats the calf massage.

Another is the full body air massage quality. It is a true advanced 4D massage chair that has the ability to deliver massages that feel lifelike.

This is a great choice for someone who wants Luxury Features in a 4D massage chair.  I hope you enjoyed our Osaki OS-Highpointe 4D review!

Technical Notes

The Osaki OS Highpointe 4D comes with a 5 year extended warranty that covers it from structural defects. The warranty also includes in home parts and repairs for 3 years. If the chair is deemed defective, Osaki will also replace this chair during this time.

The maximum user weight for the Highpointe 4D massage chair is 270 LB and the Maximum user height is 6'4". 


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