Osaki JP Nexus 4D Massage Chair Review - Massagechairs.com

Osaki JP Nexus 4D Massage Chair Review - Massagechairs.com

Osaki is capitalizing the exploding market of High-End Japanese massage chairs with the Osaki JP Nexus 4D. Osaki combined features of some of their best selling chairs with the meticulous precision of Japanese craftsmanship.

The result - A powerful contender for one of the best high-end Japanese made massage chairs. Read more about our first impressions in our Osaki JP Nexus Massage Chair Review.

Key Takeaways

  • The JP Nexus 4D has a lot of the same feel as the best selling Osaki Maestro LE

  • The number of manual massage modes is a stand-out feature

  • The footwell may not be suitable for people over size 11 feet

  • Chair is priced aggressively in the Japanese Made Massage Chair Market

Don't Sleep in the JP Nexus and Its Price

The Osaki JP Nexus 4D is an escape into a realm of relaxation. But comparatively, the chair is cheaper than most of its rivals in the $9,000-$15,000 price range.

How did Osaki do this?

Despite being the largest massage chair distributor in the US for the last 15 years, Osaki has a small footprint with Japanese made massage chairs. The only other chair in the current line-up is the Osaki JP650.

So Osaki has priced aggressively to capture market share.

The JP Nexus 4D has all the key features you would expect from Osaki; Space saving technology, advanced SL track system, two stage zero gravity, and lumbar heating therapy.

The Nexus 4D massage chair also has some advanced features only found in high-end models: hand reflexology, quiet mode for noise reduction, as well as automatic body scan.

Let's break down each feature in our detailed review.


Osaki JP Nexus 4D First Impression

When you first sit in the JP Nexus, you'll notice some of the same feel as the Osaki Maestro LE massage chair series.

We noticed after we engaged the automatic body scan feature, the massage chair wanted to focus on lower back and the shoulders.

This is a Japanese Maestro we said:). The Nexus utilizes advanced sensors to activate acupuncture points and provide a deep tissue massage.

Once we got warmed up, our rep said to put the chair in manual mode and watch where the JP Nexus really shines over other massage chairs.

Wow there is a lot of manual techniques. Kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and 32 more!

It became clear that the Nexus was a great fit for users who love complete control over their massage experience. The ability to adjust massage settings is second to none in the market.

We were able to dial up an intensive compression therapy massage on pain points in our back. A few seconds later we were able to get into a full recline relaxation technique.

The nexus was able to do all of this while maintaining the relaxation ambiance. This is because the JP Nexus pays close attention to the serenity of the massage chair experience through noise reduction technology. This is a rarity when utilizing airbag compression.

So you get the massage WITHOUT the annoying noises some massage chairs have.

Now, let's do a deep dive into some of the individual features and go over what we didn't like about the JP Nexus 4D.

Great 4D Massage Mechanism

Starting with the 4D Massage Mechanism, the Nexus offers a massage experience that adapts in depth, speed, and intensity, mimicking the nuanced touch of human hands. It's not just a massage; it's a personalized journey tailored to your body's needs​.

The SL-Track System builds upon the 4D Massage. It ensures the massage rollers conform precisely to your body's curves, providing an all-encompassing massage from neck to hamstrings.

Core Features You've Come To Love With Osaki

We start with the Zero Gravity technology originally developed by NASA. It elevates your feet to heart level in a two-stage process, simulating a weightlessness that eases the strain on your spine and joints, allowing for an unparalleled relaxation experience​. You'll also be able to lay flat.

For those concerned about space, the Osaki JP Nexus is a Space-Saving Design marvel. It requires minimal clearance from the wall to recline fully, making it perfect even for smaller living spaces without compromising on the full experience​

Now, onto the practicalities. The chair's Intelligent Voice Control and Touchscreen Control offer ease of use that's hard to come by, allowing for effortless adjustments and personalization of your massage experience. The Nexus voice control feature works with manual mode as well.

Then you can add in Automatic Body Scanning, it tailors each session to your body's unique contours, ensuring no two massages are exactly alike​. Throw in LED lighting detail and a touchscreen remote controller and you are off to the races.

Hand Reflexology

And let's not forget the acupuncture Hand Reflexology feature. Integrating ancient practices with modern technology, the chair massages your hands, stimulating pressure points to improve circulation and overall well-being. It's thoughtful touches like this that elevate the Osaki JP Nexus from a mere chair to a holistic relaxation tool​.

Calf Rollers and Memory Foam

The JP Nexus utilizes memory foam to provide an optimal foot massage. The calf kneading foot massage features even go a little deeper than what's comfortable if you want. Thankfully you are able dial this back if needed.

The scientifically designed reflexology ridges also make sure to activate acupuncture points.

Nexus Removable Headrest

A feature we are seeing more and more on high-end massage chairs. With a removable headrest you are able to get a deeper massage experience. This also makes it easier for taller users to get a full body air massage.

Quiet massage chair Allows Accurate Voice Commands

The noise reduction effectively enhances enjoyment of the massage. The Nexus is a quiet massage chair You won't have some of the whines and noises that come with other high-end massage chairs. This also allows the Nexus voice commands to be more accurate without all the ambient noise.

Automatic Extendable Footrest

The Automatic extendable footrest stretches 5 inches to accommodate users.  This is much easier to use than standard spring loaded footrests 

Osaki 5 Year Extended Warranty

On all high-end chairs Osaki provides a free 5 year extended warranty. We love this feature as it covers all out of pocket costs to repair the massage chair for the first 3 years. Year 4 you just pay labor as well. This is an exceptional warranty which we love.

Osaki JP Nexus 4D Pros

Incredible Manual mode provides something for everyone

Japanese engineering - from laser crafted steel to the quality material is noticeable right away

Focus on on transcending traditional massages leads to a better relaxation experience

The ability to minimize disruptive sounds helped us relax better

Osaki JP Nexus 4D Cons

  • The footwell may not be suitable for individuals with larger feet

  • The Nexus does not have some of AI technology the Osaki Platinum Line Carries

  • It doesn't accommodate users who have tall and large body types. Maximum user weight is 250 LB.


The Osaki JP Nexus has carved out its niche in the Japanese massage chair market. The Nexus features a highly customizable full body air massage. If you've had a lot of traditional massages, you'll notice the Japanese craftsmanship right away.

The Nexus SL track system allows the massage rollers to adapt to your body and enhance comfort and consistent pressure.

This chair does great on hands and feet. If you like a great hand massage the acupuncture hand reflexology will catch your eye. The nexus features specialized foot rollers with memory foam and deep calf massages through its kneading compression.

If those features catch your eye and you love the traditional massages Osaki offers, you won't go wrong with the Osaki JP Nexus.