Osaki OP Platinum Series Massage Chair Comparison

Osaki OP Platinum Series Massage Chair Comparison

Osaki OP Platinum Series Massage Chair Comparison

Osaki continues to up the quality in the high-end massage chair industry. With their newest line, the Osaki OP Platinum Series, Osaki is pushing innovation to the max. You'll see everything from AI body scans that personalize your massage experience to laser crafted steel on their new dual-track roller systems.

Let's break down the Osaki OP Platinum massage chair line-up.

Key Takeaways

  • The OP Platinum series chairs push innovation but are heavier than other massage chairs

  • The OP Platinum Ai Solis 4D+ has the best stretch function of any chair on the market

  • The Osaki Platinum OS-Ai Xrest and Vivo are perfect fits for people who like a lighter massage

Innovation With Platinum Series Massage Chairs

We've seen a flood of new full body air massage chairs in the past two years. Companies have looked to differentiate their premium massage chairs with new features and massage techniques. Osaki Massage chairs chose to bet future innovation on AI technology to work to provide and unparalleled massage experience.

The goal is provide a personalized massage experience that would adapt to the users daily body state. The perceptive health pro program would eliminate thinking and allow the user the ultimate relaxation.

This is why the OP Platinum series have been a big hit.

We can break down the Platinum series into three areas of focus:

  1. Over the shoulder massage (Osaki OP 4D master and Xrest)

  2. Dual track technology and stretch features (Osaki Vivo, Solis, and Duomax)

  3. Deep tissue massages (Osaki Kairos, Vera, Duomax)

Let's dive deeper on each.

Over the Shoulder Massage

The Osaki OP 4D Master and Osaki Platinum AI Xrest 4D are nearly identical massage chairs. The only difference is that the Platinum AI Xrest 4D has a sensory deprivation hood where the Op 4D Master comes without the hood. Both of these chairs feature new over the shoulder massage techniques that have not been seen before.

This allows these chairs to relieve muscle tension on the top of the shoulder and the neck. This is an excellent feature for someone who loves a proper shoulder massage. The automatic shoulder adjustment senses your body height and adapts the shoulder massage nodes. The shoulder massage nodes then combines with the automatic body scan to deliver a relaxing massage.

Our customers have loved this feature along with the Xrest/Master's mild massage. This is the perfect massage chair for someone who doesn't want an intense deep tissue massage. Users also like the automatic shoulder adjustment and the massage program options.

The Xrest and master also come with negative oxygen ions and dedicated calf rollers. Research has shown that negative air ionization therapy assists in relieving stress and boosting energy.

All of this shows why the Osaki Platinum AI Xrest 4D+ Massage Chair has been a top seller for Osaki.

Dual track Technology and Stretch Features

Osaki took massage options and 4D massage to the next level with their dual track premium massage chairs. Dual track technology means there are two sets of rollers on your back (one on the upper back and the other on your lower back/glutes). This allows you to get a complete massage faster than ever

The muscle tension detection scans your body and then the massage program will put both rollers to work. Much like the Xrest, the AI technology with intelligent voice control allows advanced massage techniques tailored to your daily needs. It's a completely different massage experience with two rollers working on your back rather than one.

Each of the dual track technology chairs have all of the desired features but are different in their approach.

Osaki OS Vivo 4D + 2D Massage Chair

The Osaki OS Vivo has wider rollers which creates a massage that feels like a firm palm on your back. This is because the rollers are wider than the Osaki Duomax.

When using the Vivo, you'll notice some great stretch feature and the ability to adapt to multiple body types. Our customers have noted this is a great chair for couples who have a wide variety of personal preferences in their massage chairs, or enjoy multiple foot rollers.

The Vivo also has the ability for the calf massage to hit everywhere with 360 degree kneading rollers. Combined with the four dimensional massage chair experience, the Vivo continues to be a crowd favorite.

Osaki OS 4D Duomax

The Osaki 4D Duomax is a brother of the Osaki Vivo and is a similar massage chair comparison. Both massage chairs have a number of advanced full body air massage features. The 4D Duomax has a more intense massage with its thinner massage rollers.

The Duomax is another great all around massage chair for everyday chair users. It has all the key features - from intelligent voice control, advanced muscle tension detection, and extended heat therapy.

Our customers who are athletes have rated the Osaki Duomax highly for the deep body compression massage which aids in muscle recovery. The Duomax deep calf massages do a great job to aid sore calves after a long run.

Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ Massage Chair

The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ is one of the best Osaki massage chairs on the market. It's a perfect marriage between the Osaki OS-Kairos 4D and the best selling Osaki Maestro LE 2.0

The Solis 190 degree yoga stretch is something no other Osaki massage chair can do. The Solis has a strong full body air massage, AI muscle tension detection, and great space saving technology.

Other advanced features are flex track technology and scientifically designed reflexology ridges. This allows the massage track to easily adjust to your body to relax tight muscles.

The Solis can dial up the deep tissue or provide a great relaxing massage experience. In our opinion, it's the top all around full body massage chair on the market.

The Best Deep Tissue Massages

While all of the Osaki Platinum series do a good job at deep tissue massages, there is none better than the Osaki OP Kairos 4D. The Osaki Kairos is an upgraded version of one of Osaki's best selling chairs - The Osaki OS Highpointe.

The Kairos does a great job at accommodating larger users with its size and open toe footrest. The heated rollers on the back are incredible for the athlete or an outdoor worker. Despite being a larger chair, it still comes with Osaki's space saving technology and zero gravity recline to release stress on the back. In the zero gravity reclining position, the massage chair is able to give a memorable massage.

The Kairos also provides an elite deep tissue neck shoulder massage. The massage rollers are able to loosen up the tensest of shoulders. Combined with the heat therapy it's able to melt stress away.

Users have enjoyed the computerized body scan and the intense 4D massage. This is a perfect massage chair if you are larger or more muscular.

Conclusion - Exceptional 4D Massage Chairs

The Osaki Platinum series massage chairs are continuing to push innovation. Some of the best examples are the extra massage node on the shoulder of the Osaki Platinum AI Xrest or the 190 degree stretch of the Osaki OS Platinum Solis 4D).

Osaki is continuing to build off its proven technology like smart voice control capabilities and zero gravity reclining. We look forward to Osaki brining more innovative massage chairs to the market.

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